Carson Daly, Apolo Ohno, and more discuss overcoming challenges on the way to success on ‘Imposters’

Society & Culture March 13, 2022
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“Imposters” host Alex Lieberman wants to remind listeners that everyone is doing the best they can through inspirational conversations on his podcast. In interviews with industry leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs, we’ll hear how these super-successful people overcame mental and personal challenges and continued journeying to where they are today.

Start “Imposters” in any order with standalone interviews released every week. Since February 2022, the series has released over 5 episodes running under 45 minutes each.

Carson Daly silently suffered from anxiety and finally received the diagnosis that changed his life. Since hosting The Voice, TRL, and The Today Show, he’s become a mental health advocate. Carson told Alex how he embraces his anxiety and finds ways to cope. In another episode, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan discussed getting sober after 23 years and why this decision benefitted him personally and professionally. Justin also talked about drinking and alcohol’s roles in the tech and startup worlds.

Thinx and Tushy co-founder Miki Agrawal joined Alex to share her story and impacted the business world by openly discussing periods, bowel movements, and gluten free pizza. Miki said she overcame shame, and moved on from the belief that she needed to succeed to be loved.

Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno won eight Olympic medals in short-track speed skating at the 2002, 2006, and 2010 Winter Games. Many Olympians retire early, and Apolo wondered what he would do after age 28. Apolo experienced imposter syndrome after dedicating his life to training and shifted his career path later on. He shared his understanding of sports psychology and experiences in his book Zero Regrets. Apolo’s new book, Hard Pivot, will be released later this year.

In another episode, Kayak’s co-founder Paul English discussed his bi-polar disorder and how he leads a billion-dollar business. Paul’s career journey relied on patience and maturity, two factors not often associated with rapidly-growing brands.

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