‘Gen-Z Whisperer’ Hyram Yarbro is combining skincare and social change on ‘Justaposition’

Society & Culture June 16, 2022
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In 2020, Hyram Yarbro went viral on TikTok and gained over 6 million followers in 4 months. Now with over 12 million followers combined, the content creator, entrepreneur, advocate, and skincare expert also posts videos on YouTube and debuted the skincare line, Selfless. Named “The Gen-Z Whisperer” by The New York Times, Hyram also connects the beauty industry with social change initiatives.

On “Justaposition,” Hyram will explore issues ranging from mental health and navigating social media to making a positive social impact, sharing commentary, personal reflections, and skin care tips. In episodes, Hyram is joined by fellow creators, influencers, and more guests. Stream the podcast in any order with the average weekly episode running less than 50 minutes.

Hawaiian YouTuber Ava Jules joined episode 1 to chat about why neither of them have moved to Los Angeles. They both moved out of their parents’ houses and live alone. In this convo, the two talked about how they maintain their mental health while growing on social media and struggling with body confidence.

TikTok comedian Hillary Star stopped by episode 2 to dish on skin care secrets. They discussed their close friendship, sharing chaotic moments, managing their anxiety, and what they learned in therapy. Hillary and Hyram maintain their mental health when navigating the online world and IRL. Future episodes this season will include Melissa Ong and many more.

Hyram said of the new show, “I’m thrilled to launch ‘Justaposition’ as a platform to have important conversations about mental health, social issues, and as a way to explore the nuances of content creators & public figures people know and love. My goal is to make ‘Justaposition’ a safe space for individuals to be vulnerable and share their life experiences in order for us, as viewers, to better understand the complexities and strengths of the human spirit. I’m so grateful to have partnered with Ramble to make this podcast a reality, and I can’t wait for listeners to join the journey!”

“Justaposition” is presented by Ramble and Cadence13. For more from Hyram, check out his videos, honest brand reviews, product recommendations, critiques of celebs’ skincare routines, reaction videos, and more.

His goal is to empower viewers with education, positivity, and social responsibility. His Selfless product line partners with the Rainforest Trust and the Thirst Project, sold at Sephora and other retailers.

Listen to ‘Justaposition’

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