A ‘Black Widow’ killer, ‘Bandit Queen,’ and more: ‘Crime of a Lifetime’ investigates true crimes beyond the headlines

True Crime August 11, 2022
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On “Crime of a Lifetime,” Kerry Ipema and Quinlan Pozner unpack real crimes from the headlines and investigate the truth. Many of the cases shared unfold in real time, and the hosts separate facts from fiction when exploring these unbelievable and unforgettable stories.

Since 2022, the series has released over 5 episodes running less than an hour on average. The standalone episodes can be streamed in any order.

A recent episode covered a Black Widow case, the media’s nickname for 77-year-old Betty Neumar, currently in jail and awaiting trial for murdering her husband. This husband isn’t her first who wound up dead – all 5 of her husbands mysteriously died.

In another episode, hear about Mary McElroy, a young kidnapping victim from the 1930s. The New York Daily News published a story about Mary for both the victim and the men who held her against her will.

There’s an episode about a wife who lied to her husband about giving birth and claimed a baby was hers. You’ll hear how she wound up with the baby and what the husband said about the victim faking other pregnancies.

Hear about the “Bandit Queen’s Bloody End,” a story behind a Detroit Free Press‘ headline from July 26, 2001 about Indian politician, Phoolan Devi, who was shot dead. This political assassination apparently avenged 20 victims that Phoolan murdered decades ago. This episode dives into why she killed them and how she earned the “Bandit Queen” title.

On April 15th, 2007, New Jersey’s Home News Tribune questioned if 34-year-old widow Melanie McGuire murdered her husband and loaded his chopped body into 3 suitcases. Melanie was on trial for murder, and the jury decided if she killed him with the weapon she bought two days before his death. The episode examines if her husband instead packed up, left, and was randomly killed by someone else. For more on Melanie’s case, check out the podcast’s first episode.

Hosts Kerry and Quinlan are joined by guests like criminologist and author Emma Fridel to chat about her career, why women kill, and how their methods differ from male killers. Kerry and Quinlan interview Emma about the cases they’ve explored on the podcast. Emma released the 5th edition of her book Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder.

“Crime of a Lifetime” is presented by Lifetime. For new episodes, tune in weekly wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Crime of a Lifetime’

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