‘Culpable’ season 2 investigates Brittany Stykes’ 2013 murder

True Crime November 2, 2022
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“Culpable” investigates unsolved cases where justice has not fully been served with each season covering a different story. Season 2 focuses on pregnant 22-year-old Brittany Stykes’ death in 2013 when she and her daughter Aubree were shot while driving in Brown County, Ohio. Almost 10 years later, the murder is still a mystery, and her family continues to advocate for justice.

“Culpable” host Dennis Cooper and investigative journalist Jessica Noll learned more about Brittany’s case and shared their findings this season. They dove into leads, theories, truths about Brittany, her loved ones, and more about her life that was abruptly shortened.

Stream “Culpable” from episode 1 each season with all episodes running less than an hour on average. This season looks at the case’s overlooked components, the impact of Brittany’s death, the investigation, and if an unfortunate encounter the morning before her death was somehow connected to the tragedy.

On that horrific day, Brittany was driving to a party for her dad’s birthday. Brittany’s Jeep Wrangler was found in the woods near Highway 68 in Brown County, OH with bullet holes through the vehicle and both she and her daughter were shot. Aubree survived the shooting and underwent four brain surgeries. She is now 10 years old.

Brittany’s husband, Shane Stykes, was named a suspect but cleared after sitting for interviews and polygraphs. The town is still shocked by the murders, and people continue to point fingers at possible suspects. Brittany’s family hopes justice will be served one day and the Sheriff’s office continues to search for the perpetrator.

Season 1 dove into Christian Andreacchio’s case, a death that was a ruled a suicide in 2014 after law enforcement conducted a brief investigation. The podcast explored plenty of evidence that suggested the 21-year-old was murdered.

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