Love, lust, and murder: Dateline NBC’s ‘The Seduction’ is a twisted true crime tale

True Crime June 28, 2022
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Dateline NBC’s “The Seduction” sounds like a classic film noir plot, but this true crime tale is tainted with love, lust, obsession, and betrayals leading to a wife wanting her husband dead.

Hosted by Dateline’s Keith Morrison, start the podcast from the beginning to hear the backstories of all parties involved. The many twists and turns this story takes will have you at the edge of your seat, waiting to binge the next episode, all running less than 35 minutes each.

From episode 1, hear how 21-year-old Jaime Ramos met 56-year-old counselor Patty Presba. Patty mentored Jaime at California Conservation Corps, and they were swept into a whirlwind romance until things spiraled out of control.

In 2008, Jaime and Patty eventually tried to hide her husband Ron Presba’s death with a fiery car wreck. When authorities investigated, Patty’s alibi seemed solid, then one of Patty’s colleagues reported he knew about their affair which raised some red flags. Authorities were initially unable to locate Jaime for questioning.

By the burning vehicle, police found a trail of Ron’s blood that led them to believe the fire was set to conceal the crime. Investigators thought Jaime was a scorned lover who murdered Ron and went on the lam. Patty first denied her involvement with Jaime then said she broke up with him right before the murder, claiming she was done with the affair and his escalating behavior frightened her. Patty claimed Ron knew of the affair and was intent on buying Jaime a car for him to skip town.

Authorities finally located Jaime, and he agreed to share details about Ron’s death. They found many discrepancies in Patty’s story, though she had disappeared by the time they called her in again for questioning. This unraveled final pieces of the mystery including a fake hostage situation, allegations of spousal abuse, a hefty life insurance policy, and more. They even found out Patty previously asked other people to murder Ron and identified her murder motive.

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Listen to ‘The Seduction’

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