#SpookySZN: ‘Evil Was Waiting’ in Army soldier’s hometown, investigated on ‘Dateline’

True Crime October 29, 2021
Listen to ‘Evil Was Waiting’ on ‘Dateline’

“Evil Was Waiting” in Sergeant Vincent Goslyn Jr.’s hometown when he was shot on a deserted road shortly after returning home from duty in 2012. This episode is a “Dateline” classic following the soldier’s murder, leading to a winding investigation in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. It involves his wife’s changing storyline, drug allegations, and a love triangle. This spooky season, Podsauce is featuring this real-life horror story, presented by host Andrea Canning.

“Dateline’s” story begins just as the soldier was reunited with his wife and the horrors that followed. Andrea walks listeners through eyewitness’ and family members’ accounts, clips from police investigations, and narratives to unpack a complicated sequence, leading to two arrests.

Vincent was a 28-year-old father of five who served in Afghanistan for seven years as an Army mechanic. According to Vincent’s cousin, Tim, he loved serving in the Army. Tim said Vincent’s home life was strained as his mom left the family and he was raised by his dad who remarried six times. Janet, Vincent’s best friend’s mom, stepped in as a surrogate parent and supported him. By 18 years old, Tim had two sons from two relationships, and Janet said Vincent was a great father.

Vincent started dating Jessie from his hometown, and moved in with her family. He bonded with Jessie’s dad, a Vietnam vet, who inspired Vincent to enlist. In 2005, Vincent joined the Army at 21 years old. Vincent proposed to Jessie, and she said yes. They married and had kids, 2 girls and a boy. For most of their marriage, Vincent was overseas with the Army and Jessie had to “hold down the fort.” They lived on base at Fort Campbell with other soldiers and families.

On the night of Vincent’s murder, the couple celebrated his return from Afghanistan at a restaurant and headed home. En route, they turned onto Fidelio Road where “Evil Was Waiting.” Vincent spotted a stranded car with a popped hood, and they pulled over to check it out. That was where Vincent was shot nine times in the head and face. In the episode, we hear Jessie’s frantic 911 call and another witness’ report, along with police interviews.

“Dateline” speaks with detectives and police officers who were called to the crime scene and an additional 911 caller who reported what he witnessed, which conflicted with Jessie’s report, the first of many discrepancies. Army and local investigators were now on the case. Jessie and Vince’s next door neighbors were interviewed and shared they thought a drug deal was involved. Weeks before the murder, Jessie allegedly told them that $20,000 worth of meth was stolen from Vincent. Cousin Tim thought something was up when he received a disturbing phone call prior to Vincent’s murder.

Jessie came forward with more information for the investigation, including owing money to drug dealers and receiving threatening text messages. She claimed she was instructed to drive down Fidelio Road the night of Vincent’s murder. Investigators followed an additional lead back to the base and identified Jarred Long as a person of interest. Neighbors reported that they had often Jarred’s vehicle in her driveway, and police confronted her.

After Jessie initially denied any involvement with Jarred, they both confirmed their relationship over a series of interrogations, and said they planned on having a life together. Jarred was also brought in for questioning. With a $450,000 military life insurance plan in Vincent’s name, could the killing have been cash-motivated? And then we learn shocking details involving the validity of the drug dealer story, Jessie’s role in Vincent’s murder, and what was found in Jarred’s truck.

Who is arrested, and what happens when they take the stand? What kind of deal is made with the prosecutor? What do Vincent’s grieving friends and family think about the court’s decision?

To hear “Evil Was Waiting” and more true crime stories, tune in to NBC’s “Dateline.”

Listen to ‘Evil Was Waiting’ on ‘Dateline’

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