John and Joyce Sheridan’s murders, corruption, and powerful personal connections investigated in ‘Dead End: A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery’

True Crime May 1, 2022
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From WNYC comes “Dead End: A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery.” It’s a story of crime and corruption that left questions unanswered and a murder that went unsolved for years. Did a Republican lobbyist kill his wife in the Golden State?

With endless mysteries surrounding the crime, the victims’ sons started digging for the truth. This podcast investigates the case and also dives into the world of New Jersey politics in interviews with folks like former governors, attorney generals, and the guy who took down Jersey’s mob – among many more.

John and Joyce Sheridan were a prominent New Jersey couple with personal connections to 3 governors, including Chris Christie. In 2014, the Sheridans were found stabbed inside their New Jersey home before their place was set on fire. For years, law enforcement believed this was a murder-suicide.

Start the series from episode 1 to hear the full investigation in 7 episodes.

While this podcast was in production, a Democratic political consultant admitted his role in a murder-for-hire plot. Could that separate case be linked to the Sheridans’ deaths? Nancy Solomon hosts this podcast and uncovers information, such as documentation of John’s waterfront real estate deal set to serve political interests before his death.

This series will explore why the case was ignored for years by NJ’s law enforcement agencies and the questions raised regarding competence and corruption in the criminal justice system.

John and Joyce were married for 47 years. Joyce retired from public school teaching and cared for their sons. John was known as an unassuming character who never raised his voice. Leading up to his death, John served as Cooper University Hospital’s CEO and was Cooper Ferry Partnership’s board chairman.

In 2005, John worked for George Norcross, an insurance executive and the head of a political organization in south Jersey. George selected people to run for office, fundraised on their behalf, and allegedly made them vote in favor of the organization’s agenda.

Under Gov. Thomas Kean, John was the former Transportation Commissioner whose work credits include creating the NJ Transit commuter rail system. He also started the state trust fund from taxes to repair highways and bridges in New Jersey.

We’ll hear from the Sheridans’ friends, family, associates, former colleagues, and more this season. Episode 1 interviewed Christine Todd Whitman, former Governor; Chris Stevens, Joyce Sheridan’s best friend; Bob Stevens, husband of Chris Stevens; Mark Sheridan, the Sheridans’ oldest son, personal lawyer for Governor Chris Christie, and for the state Republican party; Peter Sheridan, John’s brother and federal judge in Trenton; Mary Kay Roberts, hired by John Sheridan at a New Jersey law firm; John Farmer, former state Attorney General and friend of John Sheridan who runs a political research center at Rutgers University.

We recommend this series for listeners who binged “Deep Cover: Mob Land” or “Paper Ghosts,” an investigative podcast about a fire-turned-homicide case. New episodes of “Dead End: A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery” will be released over the next few weeks.

Listen to ‘Dead End: A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery’

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