‘Deux U’ by DeuxMoi dishes on hot topics, celeb gossip, and more in weekly episodes

Celebrity January 20, 2022
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“Deux U,” from Audacy’s Cadence13, is a fresh podcast series from the entertainment news Instagram account, @DeuxMoi. Weekly episodes fill you in on juicy scoop, gossip, and exclusives not posted on the celeb-centric social media account. Listen in as the anonymous account’s creator and curator of pop culture, “Deux,” reveals and analyzes the most controversial and popular posts from @DeuxMoi. On the podcast, Deux hosts and maintains anonymity by using a voice distorter.

The first episode dropped January 20, and we’re tuning in weekly for episodes under 90 minutes long. Start the series at the most recent episode for the hottest news.

Episodes peek behind the scenes of the week’s updates, postings, items, and celebrity sightings as Deux is joined by insiders and expert guests like celebrity gossip blogger, entertainment lawyer, and blind item guru, Enty, who runs the gossip site Crazy Days and Nights. In episode one, we learned that Deux received so much salacious information during quarantine, so he mirrored Enty’s blind posting format. But unlike Enty’s eventual reveals, Deux’s postings keep most of the particulars, including some names, a secret.

“Deux U” recently covered Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship and wondered if it’s real. Deux and guest Enty analyzed Chris Evans’ dating life, Jason Momoa’s divorce, Sebastian Stan, allegations of Drake’s hot sauce condom situation, and more.

On the podcast, Deux will also answer fans’ questions from social media. On the @DeuxMoi Instagram, fans can submit gossip for consideration via DMs or anonymously on the website.

Deux said of the project, “I am so excited to finally be able to provide my followers with the information they want…and deserve! Launching a podcast will enable me to provide them with more information on a platform that is easy to follow and without any restrictions.” Go Deux, go!

Deux also said, “I couldn’t imagine having a podcast without the amazing support from the team at Cadence13. It’s been amazing working with them.”

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Listen to ‘Deux U’

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