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True Crime June 6, 2022
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Don’t we all secretly wish we had a martini (or three) in hand while we solved the most pressing mysteries and disturbing crimes to ever cross our desks? Comedians/writers Hannah George, Catie Wilkins, and Taylor Glenn are truly living our dream with their downright hilarious true crime podcast “Drunk Women Solving Crime.” From infamous cases like that of Lizzie Borden’s to cases that won’t necessarily be making headlines any time soon, this trio and their guest detectives are a goldmine of true crime and giggles.

We are so blessed to live in a timeline where there are 200 episodes of “Drunk Women Solving Crime.” Work your way to the present from the very beginning, or work your way backwards through their archive. It doesn’t matter, just start streaming their 60-minute episodes!

Joined by comedians, actors, and podcasters galore, “Drunk Women Solving Crime” is facing no shortage of detectives. At the start of each episode, the guest detective shares a story where they’ve been the victim of a crime (and sometimes the perpetrator). From Depop scammers to stoned Sri Lankan escapades, these crimes range from tragically hilarious to hilariously ridiculous. Then, they jump right in to an actual true crime story.

This podcast holds so much truth in its RSS feed. What we mean is this is exactly what women do when they drink: solve crimes. So, they regale each other with stories of unsolved crimes, some extremely infamous, others more obscure. But with the help of some gin, they work together to do what authorities could not.

Plus, at the end of every episode, they listen to an unsolved “crime” sent in by listeners and seek justice. We aren’t entirely sure what their track-record is when it comes to solving these mysteries, but that’s not stopping their listeners!

These three hosts together are simply *chef’s kiss*. Not only do Hannah, Taylor, and Catie have phenomenal chemistry with each other, but their guests are top-notch, top-tier additives that have “Drunk Women Solving Crime” at the top of our listening list. This podcast is especially perfect for people who can’t handle gory true crime podcasts or people who live alone and aren’t looking to scare themselves right out of their seats.

Between their off-beat true crime tales and banter that rivals podcasts like “My Favorite Murder” and “And That’s Why We Drink,” this podcast gives you everything you need to know in the title. Tune in and take a sip of “Drunk Women Solving Crime.”

Listen to ‘Drunk Women Solving Crime’

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