Neuroscientist and personal trainer Alexis Fernandez blends girl talk, brain talk, and tough love in ‘Do You F*****g Mind?’

Health & Fitness May 11, 2022
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That’s five apostrophes, mind you. Neuroscientist and personal trainer Alexis Fernandez holds nothing back in her podcast, “Do You F*****g Mind?” In it, she talks about all of the complicated, difficult, and nuanced parts of life like relationships, self growth, and self love, and essentially teaches us to not give a f***.

Blunt, motivational, and intensely funny, Alexis is truly a gem, especially if you don’t mind explicit language. With a hearty dose of neuroscience to teach us how to live our most authentic and badass lives, “Do You F*****g Mind?” is Alexis’ no-holds-barred take on life.

There are over 130 episodes of this podcast to choose from. There’s no need to stream episodes in any particular order, just queue one up and get to getting on! Episodes are always just a sweet 40 minutes long and feature a wide variety of topics that all tie back to a lesson in neuroscience.

Every episode is a blend of girl talk, brain talk, and tough love. She incorporates neuroscience into those pesky everyday problems and forces you to get rid of every excuse you’ve ever made for yourself. Whether it’s harnessing your brain waves to optimize your productivity or learning how to read your partner (or potential partner) when it comes relationships or digging into the minds of serial killers, “Do You F*****g Mind?” covers a wide breadth of topics at the intersection of neuroscience and self-care.

Want to learn what ambition is on a molecular level and if it’s something that can be changed? Wondering where imposter system stems from in the brain? Curious if you can actually raise your baseline level of happiness? Feeling unproductive and wondering if there’s any way to change that? Alexis talks about it all.

Inspirational, informative, and unapologetic, Alexis has an incredible talent for seriously simplifying the most complicated aspects of life and the impossibly complex organ that controls us. She gets into both truly fascinating and deeply relatable territory in every episode. She recently recorded an episode about the five different types of brainwaves (delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma), when we experience them during the day, and what each type of wave helps us do. Alexis gives us actionable advice to harness our brains into productivity through science’s understanding of what these brainwaves do.

Not one for the traditional definition of “professionalism,” Alexis is refreshingly honest and stays true to the title of her podcast. She just wants to help more people give less of a f***. She uniquely blends real talk and science-backed advice to teach us new things about ourselves and others.

Like a real-life Simone from The Good Place (we just rewatched the show, we had to reference it) with her delightful Australian accent, blunt honesty, and biting sense of humor, Alexis is a goldmine of information. Be sure to check out her amazing podcast “Do You F*****g Mind?” to change your mind and your life.

Oh, also, there’s a card game that corresponds with the podcast. You can find it here. So if that’s not brilliant, we don’t know what is.

Listen to ‘Do You F*****g Mind?’

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