Drew Barrymore brings her dance-in-the-rain energy to ‘Drew’s News’ with celeb guests

Society & Culture October 12, 2022
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From CBS Media Ventures comes “Drew’s News,” a weekly podcast delivering inspiring, quirky, fun, and informative stories with special guests.

You can count on Drew Barrymore and an assortment of upcoming guests to deliver “good news on the go.” Each week, Drew and her guests will unpack pop culture, news, the latest trends like Barbiecore, the best way to wash your armpits, and much more. Start the feel-good series in any order with standalone guests. Episodes run less than 30 minutes on average. 

Heartthrob, actor, and fellow podcaster Rob Lowe joined Drew on the first episode. He chatted about the week’s headlines, including how a new dog caused a Hollywood couple’s split, men’s nipples in fashion, and more. Rob and Drew spilled on their longtime friendship, going back to when they met as kids. They also talked about Rob’s interview series, “Literally! With Rob Lowe,” which Drew recently joined as a guest. Rob has also welcomed guests like Ice-T, Paris Hilton, Rainn Wilson, Natasha Lyonne, Demi Moore, and many more since 2020. 

Actress and podcaster Casey Wilson stopped by episode 2. They explore #VanLife, sex doll influencers, You, and Penn Badgley. Since this is Drew’s first podcast, she asked Casey for advice. She said to have fun, be creative, and that people respond to genuine hosts – which Casey said Drew always is. They discussed whether irreverence is welcomed in the podcast space.

Casey co-hosts “Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown” with Danielle Schneider. She also started the investigative series “Fed Up” about an online feud between a nutritionist and an influencer. They went to war after an influencer began revealing adverse side effects that former diet followers allegedly experienced. The series unpacks diet culture, the fiber-rich program called F-Factor, the online armies that came to defend both sides, and the lawsuits that resulted. 

Tune in Mondays for new episodes of “Drew’s News” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Drew’s News’

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