Straight from the kids’ table: 5 family-friendly Thanksgiving podcasts to stream this week

Kids & Family November 22, 2022

We’ve rounded up 5 fun, family-friendly, Thanksgiving-themed podcasts to stream in your travels or during your down time this week. On our list, there are episodes about the history of Thanksgiving geared toward young listeners, a story teaching gratitude, and how turkeys traveled. Listen to an episode answering Thanksgiving and food questions. Some of these episodes are hosted by kids.

Check out our list:

Bedtime Stories: Inspirational Stories for Kids and Families

Listen to ‘History of Thanksgiving’ on ‘Bedtime Stories: Inspirational Stories for Kids and Families’

“Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids and Families” is an educational podcast with bite-sized episodes. In the 12-minute “History of Thanksgiving” episode, hear about the history of Thanksgiving, what happened at the first Thanksgiving, and more. Two recent episodes covered Native American Heritage Month, which are also timely and informative listens this season.

Looney Tunes Presents – Bugs and Daffy’s Thanksgiving Road Trip

Listen to ‘Looney Tunes Presents – Bugs and Daffy’s Thanksgiving Road Trip’

“Looney Tunes Presents – Bugs and Daffy’s Thanksgiving Road Trip,” a new, 4-part series following cartoon faves on their holiday journey. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are invited to celebrate Thanksgiving at Warner Bros backlot, but Daffy refuses to go unless he’s named the holiday’s official bird. In the series, the only way this can happen is if Daffy gets cast in a new film, Thanksgiving Day, and the adventure begins. This is Looney Tunes’ first podcast, and episodes feature original music.

But Why?

Listen to ‘ Thanksgiving Special: What Made The Turkey Trot To Boston?’ on ‘But Why?’

This 10-minute episode of “But Why?” is a Thanksgiving special. You’ll hear about how turkeys traveled from Vermont farms to dinner tables in Boston, Massachusetts before refrigerated trucks were invented. “But Why?” is presented by Vermont Public Radio.

Curious Kid Podcast

Listen to ‘Curious About Thanksgiving’ on ‘Curious Kid Podcast’

Jacob and 8-year-old Olivia host “Curious Kid Podcast.” Every Sunday, a new topic-specific episode is posted. This episode shares the history of Thanksgiving. Was turkey eaten at the first Thanksgiving? Pumpkin pie? Mashed potatoes? Whose idea was it to make Thanksgiving a national holiday? Hear answers to these questions and more in this 11-minute episode.

The Big Life Kids Podcast

Listen to ‘Discover How GRATITUDE Can Change Your Life!’ on ‘The Big Life Kids Podcast’

This episode of “The Big Life Kids Podcast” teaches about gratitude with a 17-minute story. On this podcast, characters Zara and Leo travel the world learning life lessons and how to handle challenges. One day, Zara and Leo awakened in a rainforest and spied a leopard beside them. They learn when it’s important to appreciate, help the environment, and meet a wildlife biologist along the way.

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