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Music November 10, 2021
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Hosts Mark Mosley and Tyler Mahan Coe are pulling the plug on some of your favorite artists and amplifying their opinions on their music commentary series by letting you know why “Your Favorite Band Sucks.” Episodes drag the crème de la crème through the dirt, and not even The Beatles are safe from their trash talking. It’s a bold complaint fest, so roll over, Beethoven. According to Mark and Tyler’s podcast description, “There’s no good art and it’s a red flag for adults to have a favorite band.” LOL!

“Your Favorite Band Sucks” is Podsauce’s Odd Pod pick of the week. Dax listened to the Queen episode, where Mark and Tyler claimed that Queen’s career was just an elaborate scheme to make money and their songs were only effective in arena crowds to get everyone revved. On this episode, the podcast’s hosts contemplate if Queen is actually music. Alesha was looking for the Beyhive on this podcast, and wondered if the hosts were disgruntled, former musicians with some angst to air in podcast form. They definitely sound jaded.

“Your Favorite Band Sucks'” hosts explored how they believe David Bowie scammed everyone and borrowed everything, from imagery to personas, and cited various examples: “Starman’s” melody from “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” his iconic lightning bolt makeup from Elvis’ necklace, and T Rex’s Marc Bolan’s influence. Mark and Tyler also thought that Bowie would not have become famous if it were not for the personas he created to trick everyone into liking him, even personal interactions like performing a mime skit for Andy Warhol when they first met. Listeners can agree to disagree with the hosts, for sure.

In a recent episode, the hosts shared the mean depths of the Internet on why YouTube comments suck and read some prime examples. If you want to have a Scrooge moment, listen to the multi-part episode on why Christmas music sucks. On other episodes, hosts called Frank Sinatra a “talentless hack,” gave Coldplay the cold shoulder, threw shade at the The Strokes, ripped into Justin Bieber, stomped on The Clash, trashed the Gorillaz, and more. They even make a case for why they think Madonna can’t sing, dance, or act. Ouch.

Mark and Tyler’s general consensus is that every artist sucks and eventually “sells out.” And in their opinion, all artists have lifted material from other folks, mimicry is not the sincerest form of flattery, and that the music industry is one massive pyramid scheme.

If you’re a music fan, and eager to find out just why “Your Favorite Band Sucks,” check out Mark and Tyler’s podcast.

Listen to ‘Your Favorite Band Sucks’

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