‘Foul Play: Crime Series’ shares hair-raising campfire tales with fellow true crime podcasters in a Halloween special

True Crime October 28, 2022
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In “Foul Play: Crime Series,” host Shane Waters deep-dives into 1 case each season, catering to curious true crime fans. Since 2014, the podcast has transported listeners to crime scenes to share a variety of cases ranging from serial killers to unsolved murders and beyond in over 180 episodes.

Stream the podcast from episode 1 each season to hear how the crimes and victims’ stories unfold. In October, “Foul Play” released 2 Halloween themed bonus episodes inviting listeners to walk through a dark forest, sit by the campfire, and get wrapped up in 31 spooky stories. For the special episodes, Shane is joined by 31 true crime podcast hosts to share truly scary stories. In total, the Halloween episodes run 5 hours long and are chock-full of murder, mayhem, grisly crimes, and chaos.

In the first Halloween episode, Shane also shared a terrifying tale involving the Smiley Face Killers. You’ll hear stories from the hosts of “Criminology,” “Crime Salad,” “Murder She Told,” “Obscura: A True Crime Podcast & Disaster,” “Once Upon a Crime,” “Sistas Who Kill,” and many more.

The most recent season covered Lizzie Borden’s case, a woman tried for axe-murdering her father and stepmother in 1892. Lizzie was acquitted, no other suspects were found guilty, and her story carries over into today’s pop culture with films, TV shows, theater works, and literature.

Season 12 shared Hazel Drew’s unsolved murder when her body was found floating in Sand Lake, New York’s Teal’s Pond. Another previous season covered Anna May Dietrich’s case whose dismembered body was found in Philadelphia and became one the city’s most gruesome crimes on record. Season 9 unpacked serial killer H.H. Holmes’ background and crimes, hear about the Suffolk Strangler in season 7, and The Maxwells in season 4 – just to name a few.

Fans of “Generation Why,” “True Crime Garage,” and “My Favorite Murder” might also enjoy “Foul Play: Crime Series.” Black Label Podcasting’s “Foul Play: Crime Series” is now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts

Listen to ‘Foul Play: Crime Series’

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