Holiday horror! Aaron Mahnke’s ’12 Ghosts’ is a festive fright-fest that will have you screaming all the way

Fiction December 20, 2022
12 Ghosts
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Metaphysical twists with a side of murder. An odd sprig of mistletoe. A farewell letter written in acid. Endlessly searching for last-ditch comforts. Did someone go missing? These are some of the fictional, spooky stories shared by 11 strangers stuck at an old inn one Christmas Eve.

Stranded at Mulligan’s Inn the middle of a blizzard, the strangers soon learned their alarming commonalities are more than a coincidence, and something sinister might be planned for them. Along with a bizarre innkeeper and no exit in sight, the storytellers share nightmare-inducing tales in 12 ghastly episodes leading up to Christmas Eve.

Aaron Mahnke’s “12 Ghosts” is an anthology horror series presented by iHeartPodcasts and Grim & Mild. Stream the 12 bingeable episodes from the beginning to hear the tales in chronological order, running less than 35 minutes each. We recommend plugging in your favorite headphones before starting the series since each aurally-rich episode features 3D binaural sound.

Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) stars as the innkeeper at Mulligan’s Inn. Things get frightening pretty quickly with additional characters voiced by Gina Rickicki, Robin Bloodsworth, Suehyla E. Young, Nicholas Tecosky, Laura Lorena Morales, and more.

We hear about a witch who preys on discontent, an unusual passage, a murder one cold evening, a haunting melody, and an ancient brew. There’s a story detailing “a mysterious prisoner with static on his breath.” What happens when a trip heads to the end of the road? Where exactly is “The Land of Hungry Ghosts?” We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Fans of Mahnke’s “Lore,” “Cabinet of Curiosities,” and “13 Days of Halloween” will love “12 Ghosts,” a festive fright-fest with just the right amount of horror that will have you screaming all the way.

Check out new, daily episodes of “12 Ghosts” this December until Christmas Eve.

Listen to ’12 Ghosts’

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