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TV & Film February 28, 2022
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“IMDb Is Obsessed” is making picking from an endless supply of shows and movies fun again. IMDb insiders Lizzie Bassett and Alex Logan host this IMDb podcast, digging through an intimidating amount of entertainment to let you know what’s worth a watch and what isn’t.

While there’s only 10 episodes out so far, “IMDb Is Obsessed” has all of the makings of a fantastic podcast. Within its handful of episodes, Lizzie and Alex have made sure to diversify each episode’s outline, sometimes reviewing singular shows, pitting similar shows against each other like in “Ozark vs. Peacemaker,” or giving us episodes like “4 Favorite Holiday Horror Movies.” Episodes are released every Friday and are a short-and-sweet 30 minutes, making sure you have enough time to binge their suggestions.

With so many podcasts about film and television, you may be wondering what makes “IMDb Is Obsessed” stand out from the rest. And we were right there with you, until we started listening. Lizzie and Alex, both actors and producers with some writing and directing credits thrown in there, are witty, intelligent, and able to see what’s happening beyond the screen.

Overall, the two are refreshing in both entertainment value and in their unique perspectives. They aren’t just recapping Marvel‘s most recent release (no hate, though, we the people love Marvel) or taking us scene by scene through the most anticipated blockbusters of the year; instead, they are analyzing relevant shows and films, asking all sorts of questions that we never would’ve thought to ask.

On top of all of that juicy movie and television analysis, “IMDb Is Obsessed” is deeply, morally embedded in the belief of no spoilers. While listening, you don’t at all have to worry about having an entire series ruined for you. Lizzie and Alex are careful to provide just the right amount of context for listeners to understand their discussions – both historical (in the case of biopics like Being the Ricardos) and in reference to the plot.

The Thing About Pam & Tommy

The two recently watched the new Hulu series Pam & Tommy, a miniseries about Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, and their sex tape that was stolen and shown to millions. They give us a short history lesson on the two: dedicating an episode to Anderson’s backstory, an episode to their whirlwind love affair, and episodes to the man who stole and distributed their private belongs and their desperate attempts to get it back.

What really stuck out to us in this episode, though, was when Lizzie and Alex asked why this show was being made. It’s been noted that Lee gave showrunner Robert Siegel and actor Sebastian Stan his blessing to make the series, but Anderson did not, despite actress Lily James and Siegel again reaching out. Aside from whether or not Anderson will watch it, the two were impressed by the show’s treatment of Anderson. When asking why, they are mainly asking, “Why now?” The two hosts comment that perhaps enough time has finally passed, and that audiences would have recoiled should the events of Pam & Tommy still be too fresh. Are audiences now able to look back and see where they abused their then-newfound abilities to stalk celebrities in the baby years of the internet?

They talk about how the dialogue between Stan and James shows just how differently Lee and Anderson saw the release of this tape. While Lee just wanted his private belongings back, Anderson knew that she might never get her private life back. She became the butt of every joke in the ’90s, and today, there’s a whole generation of people who don’t know why she’s essentially a household name. Also, they let us know that the miniseries is actually based on the Rolling Stone article, “Pam and Tommy: The Untold Story of the World’s Most Infamous Sex Tape,” by Amanda Chicago Lewis.

At the end of the episode, the two look at other female celebrities who shared similar fates to Anderson, and the documentaries/docuseries made about them. As Lizzie says, these movies/shows primed their palettes for Pam & Tommy, recommending with some caution the A&E documentary The Secret of Playboy, the New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears, the Prime Video documentary Amy about Amy Winehouse, and Bob Fosse’s Star 80 about Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten. All of these recommendations touch on celebrity-obsession culture, women who suffered at the hands of that culture, and more.

“IMDb Is Obsessed” honestly makes us feel smarter. Where else could we get a pop culture/world news/film history lesson all in one? They are touching on all aspects of cinema, both inside and outside of the theater. Be sure to tune into “IMDb Is Obsessed” every Friday so you know what to watch this weekend.

Listen to ‘IMDb Is Obsessed’

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