Journey back to Forks with these 7 podcasts about ‘Twilight’ in preparation for Ashley Greene’s ‘The Twilight Effect’

TV & Film March 8, 2022

If you somehow weren’t a part of the Twilight cultural movement and resurgence, where the hell have you been, loca? But for those of you who were/still are in it, we hope you screamed as loud as we did when we saw the trailer for “The Twilight Effect” pop up on our podcast app. And when we saw it’s going to be hosted by the Ashley Greene (who played Alice Cullen, for those who don’t know) we couldn’t even contain our excitement. What a way to top off the Twilight Renaissance of the 2020s.

Ashley and her co-host Melanie Howe are rewatching all five films, answering burning questions, and sharing insider secrets from the set. Also, they’ll be joined by some of Ashley’s castmates to talk about the Twilight years. Anyway, you know we had to make this roundup of podcasts all about Twilight.

While we don’t condone the pigeon-holing of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to this one film franchise (because how are we seriously going to ignore films like Adventureland, Spencer, Tenet, Happiest Season, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and The Batman), they truly blessed us in Stephenie Meyer’s saga. We have lots of film review podcasts to recommend to you, some podcasts that are actually just about Twilight, and some pop culture pods that bring us all the way back to relive the film’s prime years.

In preparation for “The Twilight Effect,” we’re listening to these 7 podcasts about Twilight.

Remember Twilight?

Listen to ‘Remember Twilight?’

We promised you a podcast all about Twilight, and thus, you shall receive a podcast all about Twilight. Since 2019, Maren and Emily have been rereading the series chapter by chapter in “Remember Twilight?” The two are unapologetic about loving the books and entirely hilarious in their nostalgic romp through peak young adult literature. Whether you’re a Twilight lover or hater, “Remember Twilight?” is for everyone.

Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong

Listen to ’48: We’re Wrong About… Twilight (Movie Review)’

“Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong” asks the most important question plaguing this film franchise: team critics or team fans? With a 49% from critics and a whopping 73% from fans, Twilight is the proud producer of one of the largest disparities on the site. The hosts and guests of “Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong” talk about why they agree or disagree with the film’s rating, Twilight‘s reception in 2008 and its reception over a decade later, its amazing soundtrack (we owe our lives to whoever licensed Supermassive Black Hole for the baseball scene), and the deeply problematic relationship tropes it cemented into the minds of teen girls.

Total Reboot with Cameron James and Alexei Toliopoulos

Listen to ‘Twilight (2008)’

We had to include this episode if only for the description: “We’re talking about one of the horniest and most chaste abstinence campaigns in the history of film TWILIGHT!” Yeah, we also forgot about the real overarching theme of this series. “Total Reboot with Cameron James and Alexei Toliopoulos” is absolutely hilarious and will leave you feeling like all film podcasts should be hosted by at least one Australian. They are releasing episodes twice a week, mainly looking back on old classics (like Jennifer’s Body and Ratatouille, not the boring old classics).

Be There In Five

Listen to ‘This Is Me Twi-ing (Twilight Deep Dive)’

Kate Kennedy hosts the millennial-nostalgia podcast, “Be There In Five.” And like any good millennial, she certainly felt the resurgence of Twilight in quarantine. In this episode, “This Is Me Twi-ing (Twilight Deep Dive),” which is an incredible episode title, she gives us a full two and a half hours dedicated to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. She and guest Cathy Peshek celebrate and lament many aspects of this franchise, discuss pet peeves and plot holes, and bask in the reanimation of their inner Twi-hard.

Another Bite of Twilight

Listen to ‘Another Bite of Twilight’

If you’re a true Twi-hard, even more so than Kate up there, then you need to check out “Another Bite of Twilight.” Hosts Kelly and Mel offer intelligent critiques of the series, but they also discuss really interesting topics pertaining to the books and movies. They have whole episodes dedicated to the casting of the movies, the soundtracks, the hairstyles, Kristen Stewart, the main characters’ astrological signs, and a lot more. The two are charming, funny, self-deprecating, and have us looking forward to every Twilight Tuesday.

Every Horror Movie on Netflix

Listen to ‘113 | Twilight’

The beautiful thing about Twilight is that it somehow transcends genre; at once was every single film genre in one. But it has werewolves and vampires, so it certainly must be horror. Joined by their dear friend and young adult literature expert, Christine, “Every Horror Movie on Netflix” talks about Twilight‘s place in literature and what it was like to watch the film in theaters. They also hilariously discuss the state of lust in cinema and the rather infamous acting performances pulled from some great actors.

Bacon and Eggs: A Movie Lover’s Podcast

Listen to ‘Twilight: New Moon (2009)’

Thank goodness someone out here has reviewed New Moon. We will not stand for any Taylor Lautner erasure. “Bacon and Eggs: A Movie Lover’s Podcast” hosts Tyler and Ethan are beloved in the film podcast scene, having been reviewing movies on their RSS feed since 2017. And thank goodness they are Team Jacob, at least at this moment in the saga, because New Moon is finally the introduction of one of the greatest love triangles of all time…before it got creepy and manipulative.

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