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True Crime November 18, 2022
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It’s going to get really dark in here with stories about The Royal Family, The Murdaughs, and The Hammers – some of the world’s most elite families. These families have garnered immense wealth, monitored their public appearance, and have plenty of secrets lurking behind every corner. On the weekly series “Dark Dynasties,” hosts Syd Heller and Olivia Delaurentis examine each powerful family’s criminality, corruption, and bizarre tales that shocked the public. Episodes investigate how the families’ power started and where their legacies stand.

Start the series from part 1 of each family’s story. The first 4 episodes covered The Hammers and clocked in under 45 minutes. “Even the Rich” fans will most likely enjoy “Dark Dynasties.”

The Hammer family’s scandal started with a series of leaked, explicit DMs revealing truths about the family. Actor Armie Hammer’s private conversations with several women allegedly detailed cannibalism, rape fantasies, blood-sucking, and sex acts. Many of Armie’s fans believed the messages were fake, and one woman who leaked messages shared a photo of Armie’s tattooed hand sent during one of their Instagram message exchanges in attempts to prove their authenticity.

The tattoo in the pic looks like the one on Armie’s finger, and he previously had his former wife’s initials, Elizabeth Chambers, in the same spot. The messages were said to have been sent while the couple was still married. They announced their divorce in 2020. Tune in to hear all about Armie’s DM scandal in 4 podcast episodes.

The Murdaughs are a notorious family from South Carolina who have been linked to horrific events and crimes. A boat crash killed Mallory Beach and 19-year-old Paul Murdaugh was charged for boating under the influence (BUI) for causing Beach’s death.

Two years later, Paul and his mother Maggie were shot to death outside of their home in Islandton, South Carolina. In 2015, Stephen Smith was killed in a suicide-for-hire plot set in motion by the family’s patriarch Alex Murdaugh. The family was investigated for fraud, a predatory insurance scheme, obstruction of justice, and more crimes. Alex was charged with Paul and Maggie’s murders. Stay tuned for episodes on this family.

“Dark Dynasties” is presented by discovery+. Tune in weekly wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

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