Tax filing, working parents, home maintenance, and more: ‘Life Kit’ is an advice toolbox for both novice and experienced adults

Health & Fitness March 28, 2022
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NPR’s “Life Kit” is a go-to resource for advice on navigating the human experience. From relationships to work, sleep to saving money and more, experts will chime in with practical tips to use in everyday life. Everyone needs support, and “Life Kit” is happy to offer tools to hopefully make adulting easier.

Since 2019, “Life Kit” has released over 400 weekly episodes and counting. The average episode is under 25 minutes long, so you might find yourself bingeing a few in a row and jumping from topics like combatting indecision, to tips for marathon training, documenting family stories, and how to be on time.

There are episodes on self-care, behavioral science, and mindfulness strategies for beginners. Poet Ross Gay explained a mindset shift that allowed him to find more joy and self-compassion in life. The Power of Regret’s author Daniel H. Pink told “Life Kit” about embracing regret, categorizing the emotion into 4 common categories, and learning from it to move on. Tarot card reader and writer Michelle Tea stopped by to share reading tips and how to implement the cards in self-care practices.

For the second anniversary of coronavirus, several “Life Kit” producers shared valuable lessons learned during the pandemic and how they’re shaping their futures based on this knowledge.

There are plenty of episodes for creatives and artists. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, shared tips for unblocking your creativity. In her latest release, Seeking Wisdom: A Spiritual Path to Creative Connection, she adds prayer to practices. Financial planner and artist Paco de Leon joined an episode to share advice for artists who think they’re “bad with money.”

If you’re adulting, there are likely episode topics that will speak directly to you. To hear all the tips “Life Kit” has to offer, tune in for new, weekly episodes.

Listen to ‘Life Kit’

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