‘Anxiety Slayer’ guides listeners with self-help tools, meditations, breathing exercises, and more

Health & Fitness February 1, 2022
Anxiety Slayer
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Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer share tools on “Anxiety Slayer,” a series for listeners seeking self-help for anxiety, stress, PTSD, and panic attacks. Tune in to hear conversations with guests like doctors and musicians, guided meditations, and tips on relaxing. There are episodes unpacking breathing techniques, personal growth tools, and more to help you feel cool, calm, and collected while finding inner clarity.

The podcast has released over 570 episodes and counting since 2009. Start the series in any order since episodes are standalone and topical. The average episode length is 30 minutes long.

Alesha shared “Anxiety Slayer” on a recent Health is Wealth segment of Podsauce. She listened to the guided meditation episode for dealing with worrying thoughts and felt herself become deeply relaxed on the way to a meeting. This episode’s meditation was led by Shann with music from Ananga.

In other episodes, you’ll hear about mineral deficiencies that can cause anxiety. Dr. Carolyn Dean discussed the importance of magnesium, how it calms the nervous system, and can lessen anxiety symptoms like heart palpitations and cramping. Tools like EFT tapping tutorials are offered in episodes to help anxiety attacks and lessen stress, using acupressure on the body’s meridian points, similar to acupuncture.

Recent episodes explored self-healing practices for anxiety relief with Dr. Michelle Kambolis, author of When Women Rise. Dr. Kambolis believes in empowering others and the ability to self-heal. She shared tools to calm the nervous system, including a step-by-step Voo chanting session to calm the Vagus nerve. Later in the episode, the hosts and Dr. Kambolis did a 5-minute “Return to Calm” meditation.

“Snoozecast” host Vee Lockhard stopped by “Anxiety Slayer” to share advice for combatting anxiety at bedtime. Vee and her husband started their podcast as a tool for falling – and staying – asleep. They have plenty of tips for listeners, and “Anxiety Slayer” wholeheartedly recommends “Snoozecast” sleepy-time tales.

Music heals! GRAMMY-winning pianist and composer Peter Kater joined Ananga and Shann for an episode all about the uplifting power of music. Peter likes to help others whenever he can with his music and beyond.

Additional episode topics include: “lies your anxiety tells you,” “why does eating food help calm my anxiety,” “how connection helps anxiety,” and “is anxiety contagious” – just to name a few. Other episodes share practices for redirecting emotions when you’re stressed, working on intrusive thoughts, rumination, and inner conflicts.

Check out “Anxiety Slayer” for weekly, self-care episodes.

Listen to ‘Anxiety Slayer’

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