Music meets true crime and more: 7 rad podcasts from popular podcaster Jake Brennan

round up January 24, 2022

Jake Brennan is a creative superstar, cooking up shows, projects, and programs all across the pod-o-sphere. If you’re a music fan, it’s quite possible you’ve already binged all previous seasons of Brennan’s music and true crime series, “DISGRACELAND,” and are stoked that its ninth season is underway. “BADLANDS,” based on “DISGRACELAND,” released two seasons: the first about Hollywood stars and the second covered athletes.

In 2019, Brennan released the book, DISGRACELAND: Musicians Getting Away With Murder And Behaving Very Badly, and co-founded the production company, Double Elvis. Since then, Double Elvis has released music shows like “DISGRACELAND,” “Dead and Gone,” “27 Club,” “Blood on the Tracks,” and “Dear Young Rocker,” all of which he appears on. Brennan also serves as an executive producer on “Here Comes the Break,” and hosts the true crime series, “Armored.”

We’ve collected Jake Brennan’s podcasts for y’all in a nifty streaming guide! Happy listening!



“DISGRACELAND” has explored musicians’ bad behavior and true crime stories since 2017. Season nine kicked off this January with episodes on Taylor Swift’s scary stalkers, the feds investigating Juice WRLD, and Billie Holiday’s heroin habit. Previous seasons covered Tupac, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, A$AP Rocky, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles, just to name a few. This podcast is a Double Elvis production.

27 Club

Listen to ’27 Club’

Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and so many other legends joined the tragic “27 Club,” from which the podcast snags its name. These creative geniuses soared to success, were embroiled in scandals, grappled with demons, and did not live beyond their 27th birthdays. This entertainment podcast has released over 50 episodes since 2019 and stresses that it is not an investigative series.


Listen to ‘Armored’

Brennan leads listeners through truck heist robbery cases in audiochuck’s 10-part series, “Armored.” Thieves target delivery trucks in hopes of stealing thousands and sometimes millions of dollars worth of goods, and these heists happen more often than one would think. Brennan discusses the criminals and the investigators cracking these cases. All episodes, under 40 minutes each, are now streaming.

Dear Young Rocker

Listen to ‘Dear Young Rocker’

Double Elvis’ “Dear Young Rocker” is a scripted, non-fiction series sharing stories from female and trans musicians. The first two seasons were from host and creator Chelsea Ursin’s journey to rock music, finding her space in the world, and managing anxiety. Ursin shares letters written to her younger self on topics like mental health and relationships. Guests like Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner joined the third season and shared advice for their younger selves. Over 40 episodes are now streaming, averaging 45 minutes each.

Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story

Listen to ‘Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story’

“Blood on the Tracks: The John Lennon Story” is a 10-part historical fiction series about Lennon’s post-Beatles life in the 1970s. Episodes blend true crime, music history, spoken word, and lo-fi beats with a twisted storyline featuring voice actors reading for Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, David Bowie, Elton John, Richard Nixon, Mark David Chapman, and more. Stream this series from the first episode of the each season. Season one was titled “The Phil Spector Story” and ran for 10 episodes.

Dead and Gone

Listen to ‘Dead and Gone’

Why did Grateful Dead fans go missing or turn up dead at the height of the band’s tour? Tenderfoot TV, Double Elvis, and Cadence13’s “Dead and Gone” delves into the murder of two devout Grateful Dead fans, and how their deaths connect to other tragedies in the Dead Head community. Besides these two cases, which once ran cold, there have been disappearances and other violent acts within the group’s fanbase. This podcast investigates and is co-hosted by Jake Brennan and Payne Lindsey. Lindsey also hosts the true crime series “Up and Vanished.

Here Comes the Break

Listen to ‘Here Comes the Break’

Double Elvis and iHeartPodcasts present “Here Comes the Break,” a fictional series starting conversations on mental health, creativity, music, friendship, family, and hope with rising talent. Hear fictional host Ruben, voiced by Asante Blackk, facilitate real interviews with artists and creators using social media to send messages and reach their audience. Brennan serves as an executive producer for the series and appeared on a bonus episode. Since 2021, this series has released over 10 episodes, running 40 minutes on average.

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