‘Comfort Eating with Grace Dent’ asks celebrities about their weird comfort foods

Food November 8, 2021
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Grace Dent is paying homage to the lesser celebrated foods in life with “Comfort Eating with Grace Dent.” Though she may be a restaurant critic, trying the best that restaurants across the UK have to offer, she believes the food that matters most are the things we eat behind closed doors. So, she’s asking her celebrity guests what their favorite comfort foods are, trying to gain a little more insight on what makes them tick.

While some of us might not tell what it is that we make for ourselves when we know we’ll be eating it curled up on our couches, watching a guilty-pleasure movie on a Saturday night, these celebrities will. While the first season of “Comfort Eating with Grace Dent” was recorded virtually, each guest from their own home, these celebrities will now be coming ’round to Grace’s house to chat over their own comfort food, no matter how unusual.

A restaurant critic for The Guardian, Grace has written 11 novels, including Hungry: A memoir of wanting more which tells her story of growing up eating beige food to becoming a beloved figure on the British food scene. She is also a regular critic on Masterchef UKMasterchef: The Professionals, and Celebrity Masterchef. While she is mainly vegan, she is willing to flex that restriction when it comes to comfort foods.

Her first guest of her second season is none other than actor, broadcaster, comedian and legend, Stephen Fry. Grace tried to soothe her nerves about having one of the most talented men in Britain be inside her house with a glass of Banana Nesquik and strawberry Poptarts, so we know that “Comfort Eating” is being taken very literally.

Stephen shares between a clatter of plates his snack of sourdough toast, quartered cherry tomatoes and skippers, an oil-rich and tiny marine fish in the herring family, also known as brisling. Thank you, Google. He and Grace mash up the tomatoes and skippers to spread them on the toast, both chomping away at the same time.

He shares that he’s been eating this since he was a young boy in rural Norfolk, claiming an old-fashioned childhood of the 1960s. Stephen talks about the many classic British dishes he ate while growing up, also sharing food he remembers from boarding school, his brief time in prison while a teenager, and recounting the cooking he does for his husband.

Besides Stephen, Grace has had on guests like Nish Kumar, Mae Martin, Drag Queen Lawrence Cheney, and more to share the comfort food that has gotten them this far. Perhaps you want to hear more from these celebrities, or maybe you’re wanting to try a little skippers and tomato spread, but either way “Comfort Eating with Grace Dent” is providing us with all the weird, the cozy and the mouth-watering we need.

Listen to ‘Comfort Eating with Grace Dent’

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