An accident or something sinister? ‘Lost in Panama’ investigates what happened to Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers

True Crime November 4, 2022
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Dutch friends Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers trekked through Panama’s jungle in 2014 and never returned from their trip. Their remains and some personal belongings were found miles away from their last known location 2 months later, with digital camera footage suggesting something more sinister happened on their journey. In Kast Media’s “Lost In Panama,” journalists Mariana Atencio and Jeremy Kryt investigated the tragedy, followed the friends’ final steps, and searched for truths.

8 years later, their deaths are still a mystery in light of clashing testimonies, varying evidence, and swirling rumors. Witnesses in Panama have shared stories, and while the government has offered an “official version” of what happened to Lisanne and Kris, the locals tell a completely different story. They claim the deaths were not an accident.

In the wake of new evidence, the case could be reopened. Start all 7-parts of “Lost in Panama” from episode 1 to hear the complete investigation unfold. Jeremy originally broke this story for The Daily Beast and realized that some of his key sources had lied to him, which he explains on the podcast. Jeremy went to Panama in 2017 to reinvestigate this case and explore the possible murder.

As more information is uncovered, so many more questions arise and remain unanswered. “Lost in Panama” hopes to find answers and determine what really happened to Lisanne and Kris in weekly episodes that run less than an hour on average. Stay tuned for bonus episodes sharing additional insight on the case.

In episode 1, Mariana and Jeremy touched down in Boquete to retrace the women’s final steps. Lisanne and Kris were friends, roommates, and recent college graduates in their 20s who worked together at a cafe in the Netherlands. They saved up to book their dream trip to Latin America to hike, appreciate the culture, volunteer with children, and learn Spanish.

They started their trip in Costa Rica and traveled to Panama, making friends along the way. The podcast shares excerpts from the friends’ diaries, and we learn that they were reported missing after they did not attend a scheduled tour. The jungle was scoured for weeks following their disappearance, yet nothing was found.

Months later, their backpack appeared near a river, miles away from their last location. Soon, scattered bones were found. Investigators were able to recover images on the camera found inside the bag that contained photos taken 1 week after the women disappeared.

Fans of “Up and Vanished” might also enjoy “Lost in Panama.” Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Lost in Panama” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Lost in Panama’

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