Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger dig into chain restaurants and food with guests on ‘Doughboys’

Comedy March 1, 2022
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Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger are serious about reviewing chain restaurants on their podcast “Doughboys.” Fast food restaurants, sit-down chains, and casual food establishments are fair game in episodes, and the hosts are joined by an outstanding roster of guests to argue about the food, the chain itself, and just about everything else.

Mike and Nick have hosted over 360 episodes of “Doughboys” since 2015. With the average episode running under 2 hours long, it’s ample time for the hosts to fully flesh out their arguments with the weekly guests. Previous episodes have included Umami Burger with Judd Apatow, Quizno’s with Haley Joel Osment, McDonald’s with Sarah Silverman, In-N-Out Burger with Rob Lowe, The Cheesecake Factory with SNL alum Beck Bennett, and Marie Callender’s with Scott Aukerman – just to name a few.

A recent Odd Pod Pick of the Week on Podsauce, “Doughboys” meets the criteria as an unusual podcast that grabbed host Dax’s attention. He recommends this podcast for foodies, especially individuals who love talking about food and sharing laughs.

Episodes begin with the hosts introducing the restaurant they’re reviewing. Mike and Nick share the chain’s history and other background info before digging into their recent restaurant visit. In the lively conversations, the hosts and guests will rate the restaurant on a scale from 0 to 5 forks. Any restaurant earning a rating above 4 forks is welcomed into their Golden Plate Club. If the chain unanimously receives 5 forks from the hosts and guest, it’s given Platinum Plate Club status!

Listeners can look forward to recurring segments like “Snack or Wack.” Foods are analyzed and the guests/hosts determine if you’re better off skipping it altogether. In “Drank or Stank,” they’ll sample beverages and decide if it was worth the sip. Listen all the way through to hear listeners’ questions answered from the “Feedbag” in episodes.

Chris Gethard from “Beautiful Anonymous” and “The Chris Gethard Show” discussed Coca-Cola Freestyle on “Doughboys.” They chatted about New Jersey eats, soda, then took a “Slop Quiz.” Nick and Mike will post podcast episodes of live shows they’ve hosted, such as their Taco Bell discussion with John Hodgman, Paul F. Tompkins, and Arden Myrin from July 2021. Nicole Byer and Jessica McKenna joined the hosts for a Munch Madness: Pie Noon event, “The Tournament of Chompions.”

“Doughboys” is brought to you by Headgum. It recently earned an iHeartRadio Podcast Award in the Best Food Podcast category. If you’re looking for hilarious conversations about food with great guests, tune into weekly episodes of “Doughboys” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. We’ll give it 5 forks!

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