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True Crime November 30, 2021
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You heard the lady. For true crime devotees looking for a quick hit of caffeine and murder, Korina Biemesderfer has got you covered. “Morning Cup of Murder” is a short-form true crime podcast, retelling the crimes that happened on this day in history.

Typically maxing out at just 10 minutes per episode (although some have reached 20 minutes), “Morning Cup of Murder” has been posting daily since 2019. So, you’ll have nearly 1,000 episodes in your queue if you’re truly going all in. But don’t worry about listening to those in order, since each episode is its own stand-alone story.

Edinburgh’s most wanted

“Morning Cup of Murder” spans far and wide through history, telling recent stories like the murder of Barbara Precht, who was murdered in 2006 and went unidentified for almost a decade. Or hear the stuff of true crime legends like the tale of Burke and Hare, Edinburgh’s most prominent serial killers.

As our host Biemesderfer tells us, William Burke and William Hare, by chance, started a life of crime when a lodger died in Hare’s house. Turning to Burke for advice, they decided to sell the body to anatomist and professor Robert Knox. At the time, Edinburgh was the leading European centre of anatomical studies and surgical practices. In order to study these practices, doctors and professors needed cadavers, but Scottish law required that corpses used for medical research only come from those who had died in prison, suicide victims, or from orphans. And thus came the bodysnatchers.

After being paid a generous sum from Knox for the lodger’s body, Burke and Hare saw their opportunity. They went on to kill 16 people over 10 months in 1828, selling them to Knox for huge amounts of money. Eventually, the police caught on and granted Hare immunity if he were to give them more information on the murders. Burke was caught, tried, found guilty, and hung before his corpse was ironically dissected and displayed at the Anatomical Museum of Edinburgh Medical School, where it still remains today.

Coffee with a splash of crime

And that’s just one story you can learn every morning. Let “Morning Cup of Murder” take you to Finland to hear a tragic tale of a gruesome murder that actually comes with very little information despite its horrific nature. Make your way to New Zealand to hear about the 1990 shooting spree that sparked a nationwide change in gun control.

“Morning Cup of Murder” will have you looking forward to that pot of coffee even more every morning. Quick, interesting stories with no filler and just the facts, this podcast is worth waking up to. Truly, Biemesderfer says it best: “If you like your coffee hot and your bones chilled, sit back and start your day with a Morning Cup of Murder.”

Listen to ‘Morning Cup of Murder’

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