Peter Hamby hosts the business news and media podcast ‘The Powers That Be: Daily’

Business March 15, 2022
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Puck and Cadence13 present “The Powers That Be: Daily” a business news and media podcast hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Peter Hamby. Listen in to real conversations going above and beyond the headlines “across the four corners of power in America: Wall Street, Washington, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood.”

Tune in for new episodes of “The Powers That Be: Daily” and start at the most recent episode. March 14 marks a new format and the first of daily updates, since it was previously a weekly podcast. Since 2021, the series has released over 25 episodes and counting. Episode length ranges from 25 minutes to just over an hour.

Peter chatted with Puck co-founder Jon Kelly, who will join the podcast every “Media Monday.” They discussed Axios’ hopes to become a multi-faceted media company since 2017 with innovations in the “smart-brevity format.” The company’s founders were responsible for creating successful businesses like Politico.

In other news, why does everyone seemingly want to be a SaaS company (a.k.a. software as a service) like Microsoft? Axios might want to go this route and generate software to help people write short and concise content. They also discussed the recent New York Times article about Axios, including the company’s projected revenue and valuation. Peter and Jon explored the decline of cable news following a similar route of the magazine industry.

Teddy Schleifer joined Peter in another recent episode to discuss the investor Yuri Milner, and why Silicon Valley wants him to make a statement against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Previous episodes covered updates on the Russia-Ukraine war. In February, there were episodes on the Super Bowl, Eminem kneeling during his halftime show performance, and Oscar 2022 nominations. The hosts discussed CNN’s executive producer Chris Licht replacing Jeff Zucker and what this means for future news coverage.

For updates on business and news, tune into “The Powers That Be: Daily.”

Listen to ‘The Powers That Be: Daily’

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