Brittney Griner, abortion bans, and Bitcoin blunders: 5 news podcast episodes from this week’s headlines

News May 12, 2022

This week, we’re still hearing all about the Supreme Court’s leaked draft indicating a strike down of Roe v. Wade, which would see 13 states “trigger” bans automatically ban abortions. Hear what someone’s digital footprint could mean in these states that may outlaw abortion and what other countries fights for legal abortions have looked like. Plus, WNBA superstar Brittney Griner is still detained in Russia while the United States is finally turning up the heat to get her home, and cryptocurrencies come crashing down.

Also, hear about the $1.7 trillion student loan crisis in the most recent episode “Connect The Dots,” while the L.A. Times tells us about the 32-hour work week that could become law in California. All of these stories and more can be found right here in these five news podcast episodes from this week’s headlines.

Front Burner

Listen to ‘Lessons from Ireland’s abortion battle’

While the United States seems ready to strike down Roe v. Wade, in recent years, some predominantly Catholic countries have actually made moves we once deemed impossible: legalizing abortion and expanding access to it. This episode of “Front Burner” from Monday looks at Ireland’s long road to legal abortions and how the effect if its earlier bans can still be felt throughout generations of women.

TIME’s The Brief

Listen to ‘How a Digital Abortion Footprint Could Lead to Criminal Charges—And What Congress Can Do About It… and More Stories’

On this episode of “TIME’s The Brief,” hear the biggest stories from day’s news cycle. First is an article from Abby Vesoulis about how a woman’s digital footprint could be used against her in court proceedings should Roe v. Wade be overturned, which would trigger multiple states to make the medical procedure illegal.

Plus, articles about why bitcoin and crypto are crashing (and keep crashing), Elon Musk again saying he’d reverse Donald Trump’s Twitter ban, and a review of the new Netflix film Operation Mincemeat featuring two former Mr. Darcys.

Today, Explained

Today, Explained

Listen to ‘Free Brittney (Griner)’

Just one week before Russia invaded Ukraine, WNBA star Brittney Griner was detained in Moscow for allegedly possessing hash oil. After three months and the start of the WNBA season, the United States is finally upping the pressure on Russia to release her. ESPN’s T.J. Quinn joins “Today, Explained” talks about Griner’s legacy, why female basketball players are playing in Russia, and if Putin is using her as leverage against the United States.

Connect The Dots

Listen to ‘From Investment to Crisis: The Student Loan Story’

On the most recent episode of Audacy’s “Connect The Dots,” Lynda Lopez speaks about the $1.7 trillion student debt crisis with author Josh Mitchell who penned The Debt Trap: How Student Loans Became a National Catastrophe and author Elizabeth Tandy Shermer of Indentured Students: How Government-Guaranteed Loans Left Generations Drowning in College Debt.

They both talk about the history of the crisis, the flaws in the 1965 Higher Education Act that led to this, and how it has impacted generations of people.

The Times: Daily News from the L.A. Times

Listen to ‘California Mulls a Four Day Workweek’

A 4-day work week could be on the horizon for Californians. As more and more countries turn to the 32-hour work week, the California State Legislature is talking about potentially making that the law. Gustavo Arellano of “The Times: Daily News from the L.A. Times,” who is a skeptic of the idea, speaks with people who have already switched to the 4-day work week about how their productivity is as great as ever.


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