Climate change, COVID, and close calls: 5 podcast episodes from this week’s headlines

News November 4, 2021

Big updates were covered this week in the world of news podcasts. From elections to the CDC’s approval of COVID-19 vaccines for kids aged 5-11, Podsauce has rounded up news podcast episodes from the headlines. Catch up on stories about the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Texas’ abortion ban, and the federal government’s rollback of pandemic stimulus funding. This week, the Supreme Court is also hearing a case that could affect the future of gun control. Kyle Rittenhouse’s homicide trial started this week, the 18-year-old who shot three people during a Wisconsin protest last year.

Thursday, November 4th, 2021 is the start of Diwali, a 5-day festival of lights to honor Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, some Buddhists, and more. In New York City, the World Trade Center created a digital mural to celebrate, and a firework show appeared over the Hudson River.

Check out our complete round-up of news podcast episodes from the headlines below:

Up First

Listen to ‘Wednesday, November 3, 2021’ on ‘Up First’

On this episode of NPR’s “Up First,” listeners hear that the CDC approved COVID-19 vaccines for kids 5-11. This episode also shares what trials showed about vaccine efficiency and side effects on kids. Sore arms were reported. This week, the Supreme Court is set to hear a case that could affect gun control in New York State, and we hear about questions regarding rights to carry weapons in public spaces without a special permit. Election results from this week are also shared.

5 Things

Listen to ‘The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse begins’ on ‘5 Things’

On this episode of USA Today’s “5 Things,” we learn that Kyle Rittenhouse’s homicide trial started this week. Last year during a Wisconsin protest, the teenager shot three people. In this episode, listeners also hear about COP26 Climate Change Summit updates in Glasgow, Scotland and what President Joe Biden had to say. The judge in Derek Chauvin’s trial released the jurors’ names. And this week, the Supreme Court is hearing cases to challenge Texas’ restrictive abortion law. We also learn about COVID death toll updates and what’s happening at the World Series.

The NPR Politics Podcast

Listen to ‘ Virginia Elects Republican Glenn Youngkin As Governor’ on ‘The NPR Politics Podcast’

This episode of “The NPR Politics Podcast” shares election updates. Republican Glenn Youngkin was elected as Virginia’s Governor, defeating former governor Terry McAuliffe. New Jersey’s governor ballots were too close to call until Wednesday. Democratic Governor Phil Murphy was elected. A panel weighed in including White House correspondent Asma Khalid, senior political editor and correspondent Domenico Montanaro, and national political correspondent Mara Liasson.

Global News Podcast

Listen to ‘Global pledge to slash methane emissions’ on ‘Global News Podcast’

Hear all about the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, where 100 nations agreed to slash methane emissions up to 30% by 2030. Methane emissions are the cause of 1/3 of the world’s warming from humans. Listeners also hear about updates from Ethiopia, after the year-long conflict in Tigray. Did you know that humans share a musical talent with lemurs? Learn about these topics and more on this episode of BBC’s “Global News Podcast.”

WSJ What’s News

Listen to ‘The Fed Prepares to Roll Back Pandemic Stimulus’ on ‘WSJ What’s News’

Hosted by WSJ’s Nick Timiraos, this “WSJ What’s News” episode shares election updates and explains Nike’s new, digital trademarks targeting the digital universe to prevent knockoffs appearing in games. The federal government is preparing to roll back pandemic stimulus funding, and we learn what this means for consumers, which could include higher interest rates. This episode explores how the Fed is reacting to an inflation threat that is more persistent than expected.

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