#TGIF: 5 podcasts to stream this weekend

round up January 21, 2022

Happy Friday! We’ve gathered a weekend podcast guide to stream over the next few days if you have some extra time and you’re searching for listening recommendations. Check out a juicy entertainment news series from the popular anonymous Instagram gossip account @DeuxMoi. Learn about food, climate, and cuisine on an informative podcast to hear how crops are functionally used (like biofuel) and prepared deliciously (à la fried plantains) around the world.

If true crime podcasts are your favorite, you might want to tune into a new documentary series with never-before-heard tapes from a mafia associate who left one of America’s most notorious crews. Also on our list, you’ll find a football podcast and a sci-fi series recently adapted by Netflix. Have a wonderful weekend!

Deux U

Listen to ‘Deux U’

From Audacy’s Cadence13 and the entertainment news Instagram account @DeuxMoi comes a new podcast series. Listen to episodes hosted by the content creator, Deux, who uses a vocal distorter to stay anonymous. On episodes, Deux is joined by guests like celebrity gossip blogger, entertainment lawyer, and blind item guru, Enty, to dish on celebrity gossip, analyze news, and share exclusive updates that have not yet been posted to @DeuxMoi’s Instagram account. Tune in for new, weekly episodes.

Climate Cuisine

LIsten to ‘Climate Cuisine’

Whetstone Radio’s “Climate Cuisine” explores uses of sustainable crops in different regions around the world. Since December 2021, this series has catered to listeners interested in learning more about culture, climate, and food. Recent episodes covered cilantro’s cousin, culantro, and answered why supermarket bananas taste the same despite the existence of over 1,000 banana kinds worldwide. Did you know that cacti use 80% less water than other crops, and is used for biofuel, food, and fashion. This series is hosted by journalist Clarissa Wei, and releases new, weekly episodes.

Locked on NFL

Listen to ‘Locked on NFL’

For all things football, and as we inch closer to the Super Bowl, check out daily episodes of “Locked on NFL,” presented by Locked On Podcast Network’s experts. Hear news, rumors, updates, and more to stay up to speed. The average run time for episodes is 30 minutes long.

Mafia Tapes

Listen to ‘Mafia Tapes’

The notorious DeMeo Crew was one of the worst in organized crime history, murdering over 200 people in a decade, and related crimes including stealing cars, drugs, pornography, and loan sharking. ID’s “Mafia Tapes” is an 8-part true crime podcast by Brooklyn-based documentary filmmaker Celia Aniskovich, searching for answers. In episodes, hear from the crew’s former associate, Dominick Montiglio, and more in never-before-heard tapes from Dominick’s time in the mafia.

Archive 81

Listen to ‘Archive 81’

“Archive 81” is a sci-fi series presented by Dead Signals. Begin the series from season one, episode one to hear stories of “horror, cities, and the subconscious,” from the very beginning. The show starts when an archivist is hired to refurbish a tape collection, and things get weird. This podcast has released over 45 episodes, running 35 minutes long on average. “Archive 81” was recently adapted for a season on Netflix, and fans are already wondering if it will be renewed for season two.

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