A current murder trial, short stories, and more: 5 podcasts to stream this weekend

round up May 6, 2022

Happy Friday! Looking for podcasts to stream over the next few days? Our weekend guide has you covered with true crime shows, a fact-based podcast running the gamut of topics, and a reality TV-type show for your ears about trans people’s lives in LA.

One of our true crime picks is a cautionary tale of love gone wrong. 2 college sweethearts reconnected and a husband’s secret life was uncovered years into their marriage. The bombshell revelations continue to impact those involved. For short stories, check out “Storybound” to hear from writers like Anna Sale, Debbie Millman, Chuck Klosterman, and more.

Up and Vanished podcast art

Up and Vanished

Listen to ‘Up and Vanished’

Season 1 covered Georgia high school teacher Tara Grinstead’s disappearance and death. Since the series was released, there were major breaks in the case, and Ryan Duke and Bo Dukes were charged in connection to the crimes. Tenderfoot TV’s “Up and Vanished” just started its 4th season in time for Ryan Duke’s trial, starting this May. New episodes will recap Grinstead’s case leading up to the trial, and host Payne Lindsey will post weekly updates as the trial unfolds.

Being Trans podcast art


Listen to ‘BEING Trans’

Lemonada Media’s “BEING Trans” is a reality TV-like audio experience sharing true stories from trans people. This season, we’ll hear about an assortment of people like Jeffrey, a transgender man and comic navigating a relationship with his partner, Emma. We’ll meet Mariana, a trans woman from Guatemala managing issues at a local LGBTQ center with her coworker, Kadence. Katie is new to dating trans people and recently moved to LA. Sy came out as trans non-binary and navigates their relationship with their husband, Robert. Check out new, weekly episodes less than an hour on average.

Storybound podcast art


Listen to ‘Storybound’

Authors and writers treat listeners to readings of their work on “Storybound.” Hear impactful stories presented with immersive soundscapes in less than an hour per episode. Recent guests included Tommy Tomlinson, Andrew Lipstein, Melissa Chadburn, and Phil Klay. “Storybound” is presented by The Podglomerate.



Listen to ‘Betrayal’

Peek into a marriage gone wrong on “Betrayal,” a harrowing and cautionary true crime tale that still affects the lives of those involved. After 20 years had passed, Jenifer Faison reconnected with her college sweetheart, Spencer Herron. A two-time teacher of the year, Jenifer thought she married the one. In 2018, Spencer received a search warrant, and Jenifer learned he sexually assaulted one of his students. Jenifer began uncovering dark secrets of the double life he lived during their marriage after his arrest. Stream this iHeartPodcasts and Glass Podcasts production from the very beginning.

Something You Should Know

Listen to ‘Something You Should Know’

Want to learn how animals perceive the world? How about tips to let go of a grudge or how to learn from people you disagree with? Mike Carruthers is joined by experts to share information and advice on topics like these on “Something You Should Know.” This podcast is produced by Mike Carruthers / OmniCast Media / Cumulus Podcast Network.

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