Hello, weekend! 6 podcasts to stream over the next few days

round up October 8, 2021

Podsauce is happy to help set your podcast queue for this weekend with our listening guide. If you have a long weekend, some free time for listening, or looking for new shows to catch up on, look no further!

On our round-up, we’ve included a four-part podcast honoring Professor Anita Hill and a series interviewing luminaries. Also topping our list is a show exploring lithium as a solution to the world’s climate crisis, and the issues faced when mining this “White Gold.” This week, Seth Rogen launched a unique storytelling podcast featuring celeb guests, and there’s a new series about Britney Spears’ conservatorship. We’re listening to the latest installment of a show that investigates life-changing events, “what-ifs,” and paths not chosen.

How We Survive

Listen to ‘How We Survive’

Host and tech reporter Molly Wood investigates the climate crisis and what solutions can be made to create a more sustainable future. Season 1 of “How We Survive” investigates lithium, aka “White Gold,” as the key to transitioning to clean energy, since the planet is reliant on carbon-emitting fossil fuels. While this sounds good in theory, the world doesn’t have enough lithium yet, and the race is on to mine and extract it. This process raises further issues of businesses, costliness, land use, ownership, Native Americans being forced from their land, and wildlife interference, all of which Molly investigates in the first season. Tune in weekly for new episodes.

Because of Anita

Listen to ‘Because of Anita’

“Because of Anita” honors Professor Anita Hill on the 30th anniversary of her brave testimony. In front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Prof. Hill explained the sexual harassment she faced from Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas when they worked together in two different jobs. By taking a stand, Anita changed the world. This four-part series dives into the impact Anita’s testimony continues to have on politics, conversations, gender, safety, journalism, race, and violence. Anita will speak with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about their painful pasts. This podcast is brought to you by Pineapple Street Studios and The Meteor.

Storytime with Seth Rogen

Listen to ‘Storytime with Seth Rogen’

Every week, Seth Rogen asks his guests to tell him a story, and boy, do they deliver. This series is unlike any comedy storytelling podcast of its kind since it takes a more documentarian approach and interweaves parts of interviews. The first episode features Paul Rudd and Dan Wilson. In upcoming episodes, Seth will be joined by filmmaker Ava DuVernay, musician David Crosby, and friends. This podcast is an Earwolf presentation, with new episodes updated weekly.


Listen to ‘Heavyweight’

Ever wondered about the impact of your life’s decisions? And what if you had done something else at any given time? This podcast helps guests revisit those moments. Host Jonathan Goldstein asks these questions to guests on Gimlet Media’s podcast, “Heavyweight,” and sometimes provides closure for parties involved. The latest season premiered this week, and its newest episode featured author John Green. Before writing, John dedicated his life to God and worked as a hospital chaplain while grappling with mental health issues. One evening, John encountered a patient who would change the course of his life forever and helped John hold on to hope. On this episode, John reunites with this individual, and they have a heartfelt conversation.

Wisdom From the Top

Listen to ‘Wisdom From the Top’

Luminary and NPR present “Wisdom From the Top,” a show interviewing business leaders, creators, and visionaries about their work. We’ll hear about their successes, failures, turnarounds, and secrets from their journey on the way to the top. Hosted by Guy Raz from “How I Built This,” guests so far have included Lego’s Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, and how he created a plan that saved the brand and raised its profits. Business writer Jim Collins explored the impact his work has made, his background, and how he started writing his books including Good to Great and Built to Last.


Listen to ‘Unpacked’

The internet applauded the recent court decision to release Britney from her father’s conservatorship role. Nova Podcasts’ “Unpacked” dives into complex topics. The first season will explore Britney Spears’ conservatorship and interview people who played a role, investigating how the media, her family, and the public contributed to Britney’s situation.

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