‘Power: The Maxwells’ examines Ghislaine Maxwell’s family and her ties to Jeffrey Epstein

True Crime November 19, 2022
Power: The Maxwells
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Ghislaine Maxwell is widely known as Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime. But it’s possible you’ve yet to hear about her father, Robert Maxwell, a media magnate who rose to power and strangely died after falling from his yacht’s deck. Ghislaine believed her father’s death was not an accident and theorized he was murdered.

Stream this 7-episode series from the beginning to learn more about Robert’s relationship with his daughter, his shady dealings, and the lasting impact Robert’s death had on her life.

Robert fled the Holocaust in central Europe and eventually owned UK’s newspaper, the Daily Mirror. The podcast explores how Robert rose from rags to riches, became a media tycoon, and shares why he was widely hated.

Many theories accused Robert of dealing with intelligence agencies as a spy. Episode 4 looks into these allegations and what they mean today. In the 1980s, Robert purchased a slew of media companies in New York, including The New York Daily Times, and this deal turned problematic. Julia Langdon, a political editor in the UK, joined an episode to share firsthand stories about traveling with Robert.

In November 1991, Robert went missing from his yacht in the Canary Islands. Episode 2 shares stories from the journalist and photographer who followed the family after Robert’s death. In episode 6, we learn more about what happened after Robert’s death when news broke about another scandal. Months before his death, Robert stole 400 million pounds from the Mirror’s pension fund. Robert’s sons, Kevin and Ian, had to deal with the aftermath, and later on, their financial records revealed some discrepancies.

Episode 7 speculates what Ghislaine learned from her father, and we’ll hear about her New York life in the early 1990s. Host/journalist Tara Palmeri previously created another podcast about Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes called “BROKEN: Seeking Justice.” Tara joined her “BROKEN” cohort to share what they learned from their research and how they view Jeffrey and Ghislaine.

“Power: The Maxwells” is presented by Somethin’ Else and Sony Music Entertainment. All episodes are now streaming wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. To learn more about this family, stream the Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich documentary set to premiere November 25 on Netflix.

Listen to ‘Power: The Maxwells’

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