Twinning with ‘Raiders of the Lost Podcast’ hosts as they mine the worlds of TV and film

TV & Film November 3, 2021
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Brothers and film geeks James and Anthony Deveney are twinning in the podcast film review space and IRL. The identical twin brothers host “Raiders of the Lost Podcast,” a daily, cinematic series to broadcast their deep-rooted love of films they’ve shared and explored since they were kids.

“Raiders of the Lost Podcast” was Dax’s podcast pick on this week’s episode of Podsauce. He celebrated the hosts’ geekery when taking deep dives into films on their podcast, even getting into plot analysis and cinematography takes. As a huge Marvel fan, Dax liked their episodes on Infinity Wars, Endgame, and Black Widow. Dax said their reviews and recaps are great refreshers on details you might have missed while watching the films.

In the episodes, James and Anthony offer candid reviews of new releases like The French Dispatch and Squid Game. Episodes are devoted to actor spotlights on folks including Will Smith and Jonah Hill where the hosts run through the actors’ careers and share their favorite movies.

Weekly episodes are loaded with movie and TV news updates, keeping listeners up to speed with release dates, trailer reviews, streaming news, and more. Episode descriptions will tell you whether or not spoilers are in store, such as their recent spoiler-free Dune review. The hosts will also review classic films such as The Shining, The Silence of the Lambs, the Scream franchise, and Fight Club just to name a few.

Episodes often feature trivia segments where the hosts quiz each other and learn new facts. Anthony and James devote entire episodes to commemorate one year in film, such as their recent dig into 1999’s greatest hits. That’s the year we saw The Matrix, Fight Club, American Beauty, Girl Interrupted, Toy Story 2, Star Wars: Episode 1, and more, as these are the films discussed in the episode that debates if this was the best year ever in film history. They’ll also create round-up watch lists based on themes like back to school, sharks, vampires, and anime.

“Raiders of the Lost Podcast” is presented by James and Anthony Deveney with Manscaped. Tune in daily for new episodes.

Listen to ‘Raiders of the Lost Podcast’

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