Relive all of those tear-jerking, feel-good Pearson moments with these podcasts about ‘This Is Us’

TV & Film April 28, 2022

There’s nothing wrong with a show that’s simply an outlet for people to cry. The beloved NBC family drama, This Is Us, is ending in May after six tear-jerking, feel-good seasons, and we need someone to talk about all these feelings with. Luckily, we have podcasts on our side.

Check out this shortlist of the best podcasts on This Is Us. Each one is providing insightful and thoughtful analyses of the show, sharing their favorite moments and plot lines, and addressing the sheer audacity of it all.

Whether you’re looking for a community of people to discuss the series finale with, or you’re thinking of starting a rewatch to see just how much those kids grew up, consider this a sign to start listening to these podcasts about This Is Us.

This Is Us Too

Listen to ‘This Is Us Too’

For any fan of This Is Us, “This Is Us Too” is required listening. Hosts Mary and Blake are breaking every single episode down to a molecular level, providing an intellectual yet equally entertaining analysis into every character arc and plot-line.

This married couple has been podcasting for years, talking about everything from Harry Potter to Bridgerton. On this podcast, they’re sharing their own personal experiences in relation to recent happenings on This Is Us and analyzing every single aspect of the drama series. Catch up with “This Is Us Too” before the series finale in May!

This Is We: The This Is Us Aftershow

Listen to ‘This Is We: The This Is Us Aftershow’

Podcasters Alex Holmes, Eden Mckenzie, Tobi Rachel, and Marquise Davon host this officially unofficial This Is Us afterparty/support group, “This Is We: The This Is Us Aftershow.” Every single Thursday (give or take a day or two), this group is discussing the ins and outs of the latest episodes of the beloved family drama. While they only started podcasting around the fifth season of the show, maybe when the series wraps up at the end of May, they’ll start podcasting from the top. Fingers crossed!

This Is Us Podcast with Kei & Clyde

Listen to ‘This Is Us Podcast with Kei & Clyde’

Also a podcasting couple, Kei and Clyde have been reviewing every episode of the hit NBC show on their aptly named podcast “This Is Us Podcast with Kei & Clyde.” These two have listeners just as excited to hear their insightful analysis as they are to watch This Is Us. Smart, funny, and honest, Kei and Clyde’s podcast is a must-listen for fans of This Is Us.

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