A ‘slacker revolution,’ a trans woman trucker, and more: ‘Rough Translation’ shares work stories from around the globe

News June 15, 2022
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NPR’s new “Rough Translation” season started this June, and the podcast is back with work stories from around the globe. How we interact with work is changing in modern times and so are our expectations of how the workplace should feel. This series examines questions on work culture, work spaces, how we’ve changed over the years, how work changes us, and more.

This series is for listeners from all walks of life – whether you’re still working from home, just got back to cubicle life, you’re a blue collar worker, or a gig hopper, you might find yourself surprised by the array of insights shared each episode.

Stream the podcast’s 80+ episodes in any order to hear standalone stories in less than 40 minutes on average. To hear stories from Russia and Ukraine, how work changes in war times, and more, check out episodes from March and April.

This season, “Rough Translation” travels the world and interviews people about their jobs and changing approaches to work. We’ll hear about a slacker revolution leader in China and why a scooter thief rose to icon status for expressing his general discontent. An episode looks at why China feels threatened by this thief who says he’s just tired of working.

In an upcoming episode, learn about an American trans woman truck driver and “Jill of all trades” changing her work experiences and redefining road rules. The Brazilian metaverse is getting a shakeup, and we’ll hear about the “new codes of small talk.” The series will also examine when “international workplace norms are challenged both by local customs and homegrown rule-breakers.”

Did you know that up until 2021, France had a law banning workers from eating lunch at work?!? An episode chats with an American teacher who is happy this law was suspended, and on the contrary, a French historian wants it back ASAP. In other episodes, listeners are brought to a start-up in South Korea, hear about a “remote worker’s paradise” in Portugal, and more.

Tune in for new episodes of “Rough Translation” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Rough Translation’

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