Steve Aoki’s podcast ‘Aoki ‘N Air’ takes us to Japan to see where he finds his inspiration

Society & Culture January 18, 2022
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Steve Aoki, world renowned DJ and worldly traveler, hosted the limited series podcast “Aoki ‘N Air.” Alongside his longtime manager Dougie Bohay, Aoki takes us to his favorite Japanese restaurants and art galleries, reveals his favorite musical collaborations and inspiration he finds from the country, and gives fans tips on how to plan the ultimate trip to Japan. In partnership with ANA Airlines, Aoki gives travel tips not just for Japan, but also for surviving any lengthy plane rides.

Just 5 episodes, each no longer than 20 minutes, “Aoki ‘N Air” was recorded in 2019 and can only be listened to on Spotify. While Steve Aoki’s podcast may be short, it is jam-packed with information about Japan and the producer himself.

Aoki is the son of Japanese immigrants and, most notably, his father is none other than wrestler and founder of the Benihana restaurant chain, Rocky Aoki. He and Bohay share a deep love for Japan, Aoki having been visiting since he was just a young boy with his father. Aoki makes a point to visit Japan every year – for shows, for the fashion, the food, and exploration.

Each episode revolves around a different topic: travel, art, food, music, and fashion. He shares the parts of Japanese cultures that he finds inspiration from and where it is reflected in his personal style, his music, and his favorite food.

A collector of Japanese toys, Aoki shares which companies’ toys he loves most and spends the most money on. He shares his favorite Japanese artists and love for art galleries. Most importantly, he tells us his all-time favorite restaurants in Tokyo as well as the street food that everyone must try while visiting the city and his favorite Japanese dishes.

In his music episode, he really dives in to what he has mastered. When it comes to electronic music, he explains, it’s a global genre, not isolated to just the United States, which is what makes him one of the most well-traveled, most-listened to artists of the past decade. He talks about working in the Latin space with artists like Daddy Yankee and Elvis Crespo, to BTS and other K-Pop groups, to Vini Vici. He even samples and records his own mother! He touches on DJ culture and the rave scene in both Los Angeles and Tokyo, noting the sub-cultures that thrive in the Japanese music scene.

To hear more from Steve Aoki, either his experiences as a world-renowned DJ or if you’re planning a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, be sure to listen to his podcast “Aoki ‘N Air.”

Listen to ‘Aoki ‘N Air’

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