Take your scammer obsession to the next level with ‘Cheat!’ to find out what made these con-artists do it

Society & Culture April 4, 2022
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Somethin’ Else’s “Cheat!” is a podcast all about those who scammed, conned, and cheated their way to the top. Whether it happened in pop culture, business, science, sports, the arts, or politics, “Cheat!” covers it all. But this podcast isn’t just retelling the stories of scammers, crooks, and frauds – instead, host Alzo Slade asks what made these cheats do it. If we were in the same situation, would we have done the same? From the BALCO scandal to conversion therapy to art heists, sometimes the answers aren’t as simple as we think.

“Cheat!” has been working hard since 2021, having released nearly 50 episodes in total. Almost every episode of this podcast shares just one singular story, so episodes can be listened to in any order. Episodes are released weekly and are typically just 40 minutes long.

What makes “Cheat!” stand out from the plethora of other scammy podcasts is a number of things. Firstly, Alzo takes an entirely unique take to storytelling that’s instantly compelling. He’s an excellent narrator who takes an extremely nuanced approach towards these stories, exploring the factors that lead their subjects to cheat their way through life.

When watching a documentary like Netflix’s Bad Vegan, do you ever find yourself even a little empathetic towards someone like Sarma Melngailis? Although, jury’s still out on that one we suppose. “Cheat!” isn’t a white-collar true crime kind of podcast that’s revelling in these falls from grace, but a podcast that also looks at what factors pushed people into their crimes. Did they need the funds? Or was it simply greed? What drove them to stab so many people in the back on the way to the top?

“Cheat!” doesn’t focus on just one type of story. In this podcast, you’ll hear about the IRS’ and FBI’s investigation into the famed Kabbalah Center (made notable for its celebrity followers like Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, and many more), and then go on to hear about former Governor of Illinois and convicted felon Rod Blagojevich’s attempts to secure his seat in the Senate. Hear about Robert Courtney, the Kansas City pharmacist caught diluting chemotherapy drugs in order to turn a profit, as well as the NFL’s disturbing race-norming practices.

Be sure to check out Somethin’ Else’s “Cheat!” podcast. It’s insightful, captivating, and even funny. Alzo inserts eye-rolls where appropriate and delivers compassion to some of these cheats when necessary. From impossible-to-believe art heists to the great chess Grandmaster scandal that shook the chess world, “Cheat!” covers it all. Whether you heard of these stranger-than-fiction scams or not, every single episode is equally captivating.

Listen to ‘Cheat!’

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