‘The Secret Room | True Stories’ opens the door and flicks on the light for guests to share never-before-told secrets

Society & Culture January 12, 2022
Listen to ‘The Secret Room | True Stories’

Ben Hamm welcomes listeners to “The Secret Room | True Stories,” unveiling long-held secrets and bizarre stories people weren’t ready to share prior to appearing on this series. It’s the confessional booth equivalent of a podcast, quite comparable to Podsauce’s previous picks, “Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People” and “Profession Confession.”

Host Ben creates a safe space for his guests where identities are withheld, and you’ll hear everything from murder confessions to illegal dealings, covering tragedies, scamming, and lengths people went to weave believable webs of lies.

Since 2016, “The Secret Room | True Stories” has released over 150 episodes, averaging an hour long. Begin the series in any order since each focuses on different individuals’ stories each episode, many sharing several stories per release.

Episodes sharing such deeply personal stories allow listeners to explore the human experience, where guests admit to feeling shame, fear, regret, shock, and horror, all at the same time as becoming unburdened from their secret. We’ll hear how irreversible decisions can alter lives forever, listen in to guests’ challenging family dynamics, instances of desperation, and more.

“The Secret Room| True Stories” was Alesha’s recent podcast pick on Podsauce. She listened to episode 148 called “Sketchy Things,” recounting Rebecca’s story, a broke individual who accepted a job and ended up getting on the Italian mob’s hitlist. Alesha also discussed episode 151 “Hillbilly Bonfire,” explaining odd tales of catfishing, counterfeit objects, poking holes in a mom’s diaphragm, and what Mary did to her lover’s prized truck. Another interesting episode followed the story of one lady’s first polyamorous relationship, only to find out it was fake and traveled to Paris.

You’ll hear from Meredith, obsessed with virtual reality, who kept her real world identity separate until both worlds unexpectedly collided. Dave was framed for a crime 42 years ago and explains how he is not guilty. When Joe flatlined, he didn’t tell anyone about coming back from the other side. What happened when a craft project accidentally summoned a demon? Or when a narcos investigation is underway and authorities are closing in on a drug kingpin. In another episode, a woman shared her traumatic experiences after residing in an underground community for 7 years.

One guest caused a fire with friends as a teenager and fled the scene. Another was on the lam as a 17-year-old, after spending some time in jail and avoided law enforcement in later years because we learn how her criminal record is not attached to her identity.

For stories like these, check out new, weekly episodes of “The Secret Room | True Stories” wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Secret Room | True Stories’

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