Phoenix Jones was a cage fighter intent on stopping crimes: ‘The Superhero Complex’ investigates if he was real-life Batman or a fraud

True Crime May 3, 2022
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Phoenix Jones was a cage fighter in Seattle, Washington, who moonlighted as a vigilante. When he wasn’t training or fighting in MMA matches, Phoenix was intent on rounding up criminals and making the streets safer. Taking cues from fictional superheroes, Phoenix and his team of sidekicks put on elaborate costumes, masks, and fought crimes.

In 2020, Phoenix’s sidekicks turned against him, and he was suddenly at odds with the law and his former crew. “The Superhero Complex” dives into Phoenix’s story and examines if he was a model citizen or a fraudster using a superhero persona to mask his own crimes.

Journalist David Weinberg hosts this investigative series focusing on the masked crusader’s story in weekly episodes. Delve into the “real-life world” of superheroes from the series’ beginning, with all parts running less than 45 minutes on average.

Phoenix’s crime-stopping deeds included intercepting seemingly intoxicated people from stepping behind the wheel, stopping car and bus thieves, and breaking up street fights. In the series, David interviewed many people who knew or encountered Phoenix in Seattle, and they had mixed reviews. Some said he made a real-life Batman quote come to life: “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

On the podcast, David met with Phoenix’s former Rain City Superheroes crew and other associates that shared plenty of allegations including selling people fraudulent insurance policies, having drug problems, and displaying sociopathic traits.

After many delays, David finally met with Phoenix himself to tell his side of the story, and this encounter left many more questions than answers. In his years of being a “superhero,” we hear how Phoenix made enemies. Phoenix was arrested on drug charges in 2020 when he attempted to sell drugs to an undercover officer.

Fans of “Scamfluencers,” superheroes like Batman, or con artist podcasts like “Chameleon” might also enjoy “The Superhero Complex.” This podcast is presented by Novel and iHeartPodcasts.

Listen to ‘The Superhero Complex’

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