A former CIA undercover operative, psychic fraud, and more: ‘The Unimaginable’ shares extraordinary encounters and life-altering decisions

Society & Culture July 26, 2022
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“The Unimaginable” highlights extraordinarily real encounters, shocking scenarios, and the life-altering decisions people made as a result. From phenomenal events to heartbreaking stories of loss and redemption, host and musician James Brown investigates how the guests’ perspectives developed over time.

Episodes kick off with each guest sharing their firsthand account, an emotional roller coaster that might have you laughing or crying along the way. Then, James has a heartfelt conversation with each guest about life, unknowns, loss, resilience, empathy, spirituality, power, presence, and acceptance.

“The Unimaginable” has been going strong since May with over 10 standalone episodes that can be started in any order. The 2-part episode “Smuggling truth” should be streamed in chronological order to hear from best-selling author, TV host, public speaker, and former CIA undercover operative Amaryllis Fox Kennedy. This series is quite bingeable with episodes less than 40 minutes on average.

In June, James chatted with Inna Sovsun, a member of Ukraine’s Parliament and the youngest woman to hold this position. They spoke about Russia’s invasion, history, political science, and the definition of freedom for Ukrainians.

There are episodes interviewing a NYPD cop turned psychic fraud investigator, a victim of fertility fraud, a surgeon’s life-changing story, and more. Hear Theresa Cropper’s experience with losing 11 people in 12 months while working as an attorney and member of the Black Panthers.

There’s also the story of a local Atlanta reporter obsessed with proving himself after tanking as a salesman. When presented with an interesting opportunity, he chose to follow his gut, and we learn what happens on this episode with former Atlanta paramedic and author, Kevin Hazzard.

James recently told Podsauce what inspired his podcast. After losing his daughter and sister and admitting himself to the hospital, he almost died. James survived and felt a personal transformation unfold over several years. He felt new resilience, hope, and continues to dig into these feelings with people who survived “The Unimaginable.”

James explained that he also created the series for people to openly share, spread hope, foster community, and remind listeners that they are not alone with their struggles. James hopes listeners can learn from guests who have traveled “to hell and back – sometimes more than once.”

James told Podsauce how he finds guests for his show, including asking friends like model/actress Caitriona Balfe to join episodes. Caitriona (Belfast and Outlander) talked about ambition, low self-esteem, risk-taking, and embracing the unknown.

We recommend this iHeartPodcasts series for fans of Wondery’s “This is Actually Happening.” Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Unimaginable’

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