Let’s talk climate change: ‘To a Lesser Degree from The Economist’ is bringing the heat to cool the planet

Science November 15, 2021
Listen to ‘To a Lesser Degree from The Economist’

Maybe it’s an exaggeration, but as it’s looking like right now, maybe not. As rising global temperatures have already increased the frequency of natural disasters, the world as we know it will be gone. That’s really rough, to say the least, but what can we do to avoid a future of floods, wildfires, and droughts? Luckily, “To A Lesser Degree” has many, many answers.

The Economist’s global energy and climate innovation editor, Vijay Vaitheeswaran, hosts this search for answers (here’s hoping our global leaders will listen). Weekly, he is joined by experts to talk about how a little bit of everything and everyone needs to work together to take the world’s temperature down a degree (or two, or three).

This is all sounding pretty gloom and doom, no? Well, “To A Lesser Degree” is actually a refreshingly optimistic view on the climate change reversal efforts. Vaitheeswaran and his expert guests have full confidence that if we put their solutions into place, Mother Earth will thank us.

From lowering carbon emissions by literally sucking it out of the air and injecting it into volcanic rock to Hawaii’s top-rate climate startup funding efforts, “To A Lesser Degree” tells us how it’s all happening. They even talk about the hotly debated personal actions that individuals take to mitigate climate change.

Vaitheeswaran learns about the merits of individual carbon budgets, as in, are sacrifices like giving up meat, biking instead of driving and starting a composting bin going to help? He talks about the impact of the meat industry and even has a test subject try a lab-grown meat substitute to taste it’s potential.

Recently, The Economist podcast been covering the COP26 conference in Glasgow, and the results of it will show if the negotiators from activists, public opinion, and the energy market influence politicians. Reporting from the Netherlands, the United States, and Australia, “To A Lesser Degree” looks at the politics behind these negotiations.

For anyone passionate about climate change (ahem, all of us), wanting to learn what’s holding us back and what will push us forward, this podcast is engaging and optimistic. Don’t miss this new podcast from The Economist.

Listen to ‘To a Lesser Degree from The Economist’

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