‘Too Long; Didn’t Watch’ makes celebrities guess the plots of popular shows by watching only the first and last episodes

TV & Film March 22, 2022
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Look, Alan Sepinwall is just trying to make a snappy podcast and therefore can’t be bothered to make a show about one entire television series. And his celebrity guests certainly don’t have time for that either. That’s why on “Too Long; Didn’t Watch,” he and his guests are watching only the pilot episodes and final episodes of the most iconic television shows of all time. From Gossip Girl to Veronica Mars, Dexter to Breaking Bad, this podcast is daring actors to guess what happens.

While Alan is allowed to cheat and read the Wikipedia articles about the plots of the shows, his guests certainly have not, and after watching the first and last episodes, they must predict what happens in the in-between. With his guidance and his guests’ television experience, they can totally figure out what happened across eight seasons of Game of Thrones. Right? Right?!

“Too Long; Didn’t Watch” is just a 10-episode long series involving some of our favorite celebrities of the present. Episodes are just a sweet 40 minutes and don’t need to be listened to in any specific order.

Listen to Kumail Nanjiani expertly map out the plot of Veronica Mars despite Lilly Kane’s murder being solved in the first season. Follow along his confusion with the actual end of the Veronica Mars show that was somewhat of a cliffhanger for both a movie and a recent reboot. He himself would make a very good private investigator since he actually predicted Veronica getting together with Logan from the pilot episode. We personally did not see that one coming.

Then, if you’re hopping around this podcast like we did, hear Kristen Bell narrating once again when Jon Hamm joins the pod to check out Gossip Girl. Jon never watched the show due to Mad Men running at virtually the same time. He did say that he has definitely lied to many people about watching Gossip Girl and even worked with Blake Lively while she was in the midst of shooting the show.

Hear Jon’s Mad Men co-star Alison Brie try very hard to understand the pilot episode of Game of Thrones and make predictions off of it. She enjoys that the show truly delivers on nearly everything explicit in just the first few minutes of the pilot episode, and she’s pleasantly surprised to find out that Jason Momoa is in it. She actually made some incredible predictions in the start of the final episode, like Jon Snow killing Daenerys, and was just as frustrated as the rest of us when Daenerys didn’t sit in the throne before it was destroyed.

Maybe you want to hear Sophia Bush watch just two episodes of Parks and Recreation, or Park and Rec‘s Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally watch My So-Called Life. Paul Scheer attempts to stomach just the first and last episodes of Dexter while Eliza Coupe breaks down Breaking Bad.

“Too Long; Didn’t Watch” is saving us hours upon hours of television. This podcast is a wild concept that has us wanting to watch only the pilots and finales from now on. No matter if you love these television classics or you missed the boat on them like some of these actors, this podcast will let you know if it’s worth the watch (or rewatch). Check out “Too Long; Didn’t Watch.”

Listen to ‘Too Long; Didn’t Watch’

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