‘Truth Hounds’ is ‘Broad City’ meets ‘A Very Fatal Murder:’ friends hilariously get to the bottom of mysteries we didn’t know existed

Society & Culture April 15, 2022
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Kyle Mizono and Anna Seregina created their podcast for the same reason almost everyone else has made one: Anna is unemployed. And with all that time on her hands (Kyle apparently has a job), they are diving headfirst into the mysteries that have plagued them for centuries.

Mysteries like: why are some people always late? What is art? Why are some people mean? Facetiously sincere and earnestly sarcastic, these two “Truth Hounds” are investigating the mundane, and they won’t stop until they find their answers. Because they have nothing else to do.

If you haven’t heard of “Truth Hounds,” we are so excited to be your introduction to them. Not only will this podcast change your perspective on what podcasts can be, it will make you forcefully blow air out of your nose in amusement.

Hosts/comedians Anna and Kyle are finally back for a second season of their iHeartPodcasts show in which they sniff out the truth behind things that we didn’t know had truths to be revealed. Their first season was just 10 episodes long, each one averaging out to around 40 minutes a piece. The second season of “Truth Hounds” premiered earlier this March, and they have sucked us right back into their quirky world.

The best way we can think to describe this podcast is like Broad City meets Onion Public Broadcasting’s “A Very Fatal Murder.” Anna and Kyle are so genuinely sarcastic that you might actually believe that they are just this bizarre. And as they delve deeper and deeper into these mysteries, the things they say and do only get more outrageous.

Hilarious, innovative, and finally getting us the answers that no one else is searching for, “Truth Hounds” will absolutely make your day. We promise you, this podcast is unlike any you have heard before. No matter how many hours into your podcast listening you are today, “Truth Hounds” is about to break up the monotony you didn’t know you were experiencing.

It’s easy to hear that they were inspired the the vast number of genuine investigative podcasts — their voices and cadences had us fooled for a minute. While they claim in this interview with Tink Media that their podcast isn’t unique (their reasoning being that it’s a very general investigative podcast), we aren’t sure we buy that.

Even from their trailers, you can immediately tell that “Truth Hounds” will be your new obsession. From the very first episode, you’ll be hooked. In it, they are tackling the phenomenon of chronically late people – people who cannot, for the life of them, arrive anywhere or to anything on time.

They are investigating mean people and why they are just so mean, pondering whether distance really does make the heart grow fonder, and asking why time flies when you’re having fun. They are setting up focus groups filled with late people, studying mean people as they go about their day, and offending the participants of their very serious studies.

Once you listen, you’ll be disappointed that there’s not more episodes of “Truth Hounds” to listen to. Yet. Since, you know, they’re in the midst of their second season. You’ll even find yourself delighted by the show’s trailers.

We want to make sure that you grasp that “Truth Hounds” is one giant joke that we are all welcome to be in on. And we truly love their ad breaks. If you are looking for serious investigations that result in very few answers, then wow, we have the podcast for you. We want 100 seasons.

Listen to ‘Truth Hounds’

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