‘Criminally under-famous’ comedians Cat Cohen and Pat Regan are making everyone their BFFs in ‘Seek Treatment with Cat & Pat’

Comedy April 1, 2022
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Cat Cohen and Pat Regan dare to ask the question, “What if a gay guy and a girl were friends?” They’ve been daringly diving into this world on their flirty and fun podcast “Seek Treatment with Cat & Pat.” The two comedians dive into the world of boys, sex, dating, explicit-word-that-we-can’t-use-on-this-site-ing, and love in their uniquely hilarious way.

For four years, Cat and Pat have been telling people to “Seek Treatment.” Stream the series in any order, with nearly 300 episodes to choose from. Episodes unveil new ways to pronounce many everyday words in just under an hour.

If you’re new to Cat and Pat’s world, welcome. Maybe you’re here because of Cat’s recent Netflix comedy special “The Twist…? She’s Gorgeous” got you hooked. Maybe you’ve been here all along, listening to the “criminally under-famous” comedians blossom into Netflix and Comedy Central-featured comedians. The two are genuinely, criminally underrated, and we could listen to them talk all day. And with nearly 300 episodes of “Seek Treatment with Cat & Pat,” we can!

Never boring and always a pinch crazy, Cat and Pat have kept people laughing through the need for treatment since 2018. You’ll find yourself thinking you’re friends with two hilarious celebrities after just one listen. They’re talking about the truly important topics like feeling sexual, being sexual, no longer being single like they were when this podcast began, the jean-sizing crisis, crying, and more.

If you are here because of Cat’s recent brilliant musical-comedy special, Cat and Pat dive into the release of it and seeing reactions on their episode from March 22nd. She talks about being on Seth Meyers’ late night show, calling herself a “wretched sl*t” on live television, and reading mean comments (and thanking people for their kind comments) all while the two riff back and forth.

Sometimes, the two even have guests on to talk about living and laughing and loving! They’ve been joined by musician Ingrid Michaelson, Grace Kuhlenschmidt, Jan Sport, Laetitia Tamko (Vagabon), Lillie West (Lala Lala), and more. Every single episode is funnier than the last, and the two jump easily from chatting about Mormon missionary role play to your doctor’s online portal that’s never as easy as anyone needs it to be.

Their dynamic and linguistic stylings are endlessly entertaining, and these two will have you questioning why you’ve listened to any other comedy podcast other than “Seek Treatment with Cat & Pat.” It’s impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to these two. Be sure to check out “Seek Treatment with Cat & Pat.”

Listen to ‘Seek Treatment with Cat & Pat’

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