‘The Twilight Effect’ has finally arrived and we are 100% here for this Alice-centric rewatching of the ‘Twilight’ saga

TV & Film March 18, 2022
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It’s finally here. Ashley Greene-Khoury’s “The Twilight Effect” is the newest addition to the famed saga’s lore, where she and co-host Melanie Howe will be bringing us back to Forks by rewatching all five of the Twilight movies. On this podcast, they’ll be breaking down every scene, Mel will ask her burning questions, and Ashley will provide behind-the-scenes details we’ve never heard before in this total throwback podcast.

The first two episodes of “The Twilight Effect” were released this past Tuesday and cover the first two-thirds of Twilight. These two episodes are 60 minutes and 45 minutes long respectively, so we can anticipate that to be the average length for the rest of this podcast.

First thing’s first, if you don’t know Ashley, she played the beloved Alice Cullen in all five films of the Twilight franchise. Also, it you’re anything like Mel, then you also didn’t know that she is definitely wearing a wig for at least this first movie. Speaking of Mel, she’s a long time friend of Ashley’s and a fellow Twihard who will be providing the fan perspective for this podcast for all of our sakes. Despite having known Ashley since the films were released, she still has so many question she’s never asked, and she’s stoked to dive back into the world of vampires and werewolves.

Throughout the first two episodes, Mel tells Ashley the fan reactions to the most pivotal scene in the movie, from the first time we see Edward walk on screen to him saving Bella from a group of men outside the bookstore. They talk all about makeup and wardrobe, where we learn that Ashley deliberately stayed out of the sun for weeks so she wouldn’t have to be caked in pale vampiric makeup – unlike some of her cast mates. Of course, they talk all about the wigs and get deep into how much the two love Alice’s wardrobe.

On top of actual movie commentary, the two discuss how Twilight changed their lives. Of course for Ashley, it had a much more direct effect as she had graduated high school early in order to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, and Twilight being her first major film. For Mel, she was 26 at the time of the first film’s release, so didn’t have to deal with this influencing her dating life too much. Although she did buy her boyfriend at the time a peacoat to match Edward’s.

As they continue watching, Ashley shares some behind-the-scenes details about the lines that Robert Pattinson really didn’t want to say, despite those lines ending up as some of the most famous dialogue from the franchise. They also talk about the (rather unathletic, Ashley says) Batman actor having to jump from tree limb to tree limb and make it look even remotely smooth.

The two talk about watching the movie now as an adult, answer trivia questions, and try to do that cool apple thing that Edward does in the lunchroom. To top it all off, they answer some fan-submitted questions at the end of the episodes and discuss the romantic shipping of Bella and Alice together.

To probably many fans’ delight and no one’s surprise, “The Twilight Effect” is definitely an Alice-centric Twilight rewatch. Ashley shares her experiences and memories from the set, and Mel can’t get enough of her on screen. In future episodes, they will be joined by some of Ashley’s co-stars from the film franchise, and we personally can’t wait to see who they manage to wrangle in. Be sure to tune into “The Twilight Effect” if you haven’t already.

Listen to ‘The Twilight Effect’

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