Treat yourself to 10 sweet podcasts all about baking on National Pastry Day

Food December 9, 2022

We’re indulging in some delectable podcasts covering your favorite sweet treats. Satisfy your listening cravings with podcasts interviewing guests about favorite foods and desserts, a podcast sharing recipes, and a series hosted by 2 bakers sharing their latest obsessions and occasionally trying a TikTok baking trend.

On “Sal Vulcano & Joe DeRosa are Taste Buds,” hear lively debates on topics like cake vs. ice cream vs. cookies. There are podcasts interviewing prominent pastry chefs, bakers, business owners, and more. Learn the history of holiday treats like figgy pudding, panettone, and nougat on “Season’s Eatings Podcast.” We’ve also included 2 companion podcasts for The Great British Bake Off.


Listen to ‘Procrastibaking’

Luisa Gonzalez and Rachel Rhodes are dishing on their latest baking obsessions and avoiding everything else on “Procrastibaking.” Episodes cover yummy desserts like pies, German Nusseken, milk bread, bundt cake, and more in over 50 episodes. The hosts sometimes try out TikTok baking trends and share their thoughts. They also interview guests like business owners, a chocolatier, and bakers.

Sal Vulcano & Joe DeRosa are Taste Buds

Listen to ‘Sal Vulcano & Joe DeRosa are Taste Buds’

In “Sal Vulcano & Joe DeRosa are Taste Buds” the comic hosts debate different foods. On several dessert-themed episodes, check out hilarious debates like cake vs. ice cream vs. cookies and cannolis vs. eclairs. This series is presented by No Presh Network. 

Food Network Obsessed

Food Network Obsessed

Listen to ‘Food Network Obsessed’

Get “Food Network Obsessed” with Food Network’s official podcast. Host Jaymee Sire chats with chefs, food influencers, and Food Network personalities to share all about the food world. Tune in for behind-the-scenes stories, cooking fails, major successes, and more on over 80 episodes.

A Date with the Bake

A Date with the Bake

Listen to ‘A Date with the Bake’

A Date with Dateline” hosts Kimberly and Katie cover The Great British Bake Off on “A Date with the Bake.” Kimberly and Katie are cheering on the new bakers and recently covered cake week/biscuit week. This season, Kimberly, Katie, and their co-host Jake will choose 4 out of 12 bakers for their respective teams and report on their progress as the TV show continues. On the podcast’s pre-season episode, the hosts shared the results of their draft after they created teams.

Pastry Arts Podcast

Listen to ‘Pastry Arts Podcast’

Pastry Arts Magazine’s managing editor Tish Boyle interviews prominent pastry and baking folks on the “Pastry Arts Podcast.” The guests share advice, discuss their journeys, and hope to inspire listeners. Recent episodes covered raw desserts, teaching the next generation of pastry chefs, becoming a chocolatier, and building a baking company.

Doughboys podcast art


Listen to ‘Doughboys’

On Headgum’s “Doughboys,” comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger argue about food and review restaurants on weekly episodes. Along with special guests, they’re talking about fast food chains, favorite foods, and more in 390+ episodes. Becky Feldman (Broad City, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Brooklyn 99) joined an episode to review Nothing Bundt Cakes and chat about Disneyland, among other topics.

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Listen to ‘Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster’

Comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster bring guests to their restaurant and they select their favorite appetizer, main course, side, dessert, and drink. It’s a fun and offbeat interview series presented by Plosive.

Baking with House of Bread

Listen to ‘Baking with House of Bread’

House of Bread founder and CEO Sheila McCann chats about baking on semimonthly episodes. Tune in for food-filled conversations and recipes for pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin sourdough, Halloween pies, peanut butter cookies, and more tasty treats.

Season’s Eatings Podcast

Listen to ‘Season’s Eatings Podcast’

Learn about the history of holiday foods on Glen Warren’s “Season’s Eatings Podcast.” There are episodes on figgy pudding, nougat, blancmange, bibingka, trifle, panettone, and dozens of other festive foods.

Baking Bad: A Bake Off Podcast

Listen to ‘Baking Bad: A Bake Off Podcast’

“Baking Bad” is the ultimate guide to the Great British Bake Off. On episodes, hosts and comedians Ross Drummond, Sean Ford, and Harry Monaghan answer your questions, break down the TV series, and other things you most definitely “knead” to know. Check out over 50 episodes presented by The Jerk Store.

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