Music meets historical fiction with ‘Blood on the Tracks Season 4: The Brian Wilson Story’ based on the Beach Boys’ co-founder

Music August 17, 2022
Listen to ‘Blood on the Tracks Season 4: The Brian Wilson Story’

Double Elvis’ “Blood on the Tracks” is back for season 4 with “The Brian Wilson Story.” Podcast extraordinaire Jake Brennan is bringing listeners through a fictionalized world centering on the singer, songwriter, and Beach Boys’ co-founder. Brian was writing the next album after Pet Sounds in 1966 and felt surmounting pressure to create another smash. In this series, hear a historical fiction-based narrative on Brian’s life, creativity, and struggles.

On the podcast, Brian did not want to be seen as a failure by his fellow bandmates, the record label, his father, and peers. Brian was coming undone and struggled with paranoia as he self-medicated with LSD, hash, and amphetamines. He believed his home was bugged, suffered from hallucinations, and called meetings in his swimming pool, among other odd behaviors. In 1967, Brian seemed to reach his breaking point – but what happened after?

Stream “Blood on the Tracks” from the first episode each season, complete with true crimes, original lo-fi beats, spoken word, and stories told by voice actors.

Season 3 “The Bob Dylan Story” offers an imaginative account in 1966 after Dylan crashed his motorcycle in Woodstock, New York. He disappeared to recover in a doctor’s home, and the public wondered if he died in the accident or was hiding away for a drug detox. Was he stepping away to reevaluate his life post-Blonde on Blonde and chilling after his whirlwind tour?

Decades later in an interview, Dylan revealed he underwent a spiritual journey, and this podcast shares dreamy scenarios. He’s met by Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, an ax-wielding Pete Seeger, two Elvis Presleys, a dog named Hamlet, and many more characters.

Hear “The John Lennon Story” in season 2 told by vocal reenactments of Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, David Bowie, Elton John, Richard Nixon, Mark David Chapman, and more. Season 1 dove into “The Phil Spector Story” about the record producer and convicted murderer.

Tune in for new episodes of “Blood on the Tracks Season 4: The Brian Wilson Story” starting August 15 wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Blood on the Tracks Season 4: The Brian Wilson Story’

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