11 captivating history podcasts to check out this Presidents’ Day

History February 15, 2023

It’s approximately George Washington’s 291st birthday, and you know what that means! We get a Monday off. On this federal holiday, we are checking out some podcasts that put some history classes to shame.

We have podcasts like “American Presidents: Totalus Rankium,” hilariously ranking every single POTUS, and podcasts like “Hope, Through History,” letting us know that we’ve gotten through pandemics before, and we can do it again. Some of these podcasts are focused solely on presidents (and on their secrets, like “Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers”) while some are just turning back the clock to see what was up a few centuries ago!

Here’s a list of 10 history podcasts to check out this Presidents’ Day:

American President: Totalus Rankium

Listen to ‘American President: Totalus Rankium’

Rob and Jamie are ranking all of the past Presidents of the United States in “American President: Totalus Rankium.” Light-hearted and deeply funny, the two have incredible takes on just who was the worst, err, best President of all time. Even their show notes will have you chuckling: “Using all the silver spoons, Jack has become president. But now what? Will he use his powers of mediocracy for good? Find out!”

This American President

Listen to ‘This American President’

From the Parthenon Podcast Network, “This American President” is challenging the way American history is perceived. Going into numerous facets around the lives, legacies, and presidencies of those who held the most powerful position in America, host Richard Lim and his guests are giving us stories we didn’t even know we wanted. Also, they’re asking the important questions like: Who would you save from an untimely death (except JFK)? Or, who in history would you go back in time to kill, besides Hitler? But, really, this podcast is a go-to for American history buffs.

Reflections of History podcast art

Reflections of History

Listen to ‘Reflections of History’

Shining City Audio and Audacy’s Cadence13 present “Reflections of History,” a history podcast hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and #1 New York Times bestselling author Jon Meacham. In daily, bite-sized episodes, Meacham shares important moments that happened each day in history and how they continue to shape the world.

10 American Presidents

Listen to ’10 American Presidents’

Hosted by Roifield Brown, for 6 years, “10 American Presidents” was looking at the lives and lasting legacies of some of America’s Presidents. While it’s not necessarily in chronological order, Brown and his wide variety of expert guests give incredible context into the lives and times of select Presidents.

Hope, Through History

Listen to ‘Hope, Through History’

Jon Meacham‘s “Hope, Through History” explores the most pivotal moments in American history, from the Battle of Gettysburg to the Great Depression, WWII, and the polio epidemic. And obviously, along with that, comes the leaders who either got us into or out of those eras. In this podcast from Audacy’s C13Originals, Meacham is determined to help us learn from the past and find hope where it seems lost.


Listen to ‘HISTORY This Week’

From The HISTORY Channel, “HISTORY This Week” turns back the clock to see what happened in history during this same week decades ago. From Apple’s first ad in 1984 to the Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919 to Lincoln’s Union Army nearly losing it all in 1862, this podcast is letting us know what the headlines would have been should we have been around that day.


Listen to ‘Revolutions’

Mike Duncan’s “Revolutions” is the most in-depth history lesson you could ask for. In it, Duncan goes into incredibly deep detail about the world’s greatest political revolutions, and its second season hones in on the American Revolution. Go George! Washington, not the Third.

American History Tellers

Listen to ‘American History Tellers’

“American History Tellers” is obviously a Wondery classic and one of the top history podcasts out there, but we have to recommend their current series: “The Plot To Steal Lincoln’s Body.” Come on, how could you read that and not take a listen?

Vice Presidents of the United States Podcast

Listen to ‘Vice Presidents of the United States Podcast’

We don’t know about you, but we certainly couldn’t name nearly as many Vice Presidents as we could Presidents. Which is kind of weird, considering it’s the second most powerful position in the United States. Well, in theory. Arguments could be made. But we aren’t here to argue, we’re here to suggest Bruce Carlson’s “Vice Presidents of the United States Podcast.” Also the host of “My History Can Beat Up Your Politics,” Carlson tells the history of the U.S. through its “vices,” diving into the lives of the President’s right-hand-man.

Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers

Listen to ‘Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers’

Who doesn’t love the scandal of it all? “Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers” is digging into the dark secrets that still lie within the walls of the White House. This Parcast podcast shines a light onto the scandalous love affairs, corruption, detestable cover-ups, up to the murder cases that have plagued the American presidency. Get into it all with Ashley Flowers.

History Unplugged

Listen to ‘History Unplugged’

“History Unplugged” is one of the most beloved history podcasts on the market right now. Historian Scott Rank, PhD, has recorded over 600 episodes of this podcast, talking about anything from King George III (the last King of America), to revolutionary monsters, to dragon mythology mirroring fears of entire societies. And he has plenty of episodes about American presidents and American history.


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