Catch up with the Roy family on these 7 ‘Succession’ podcasts

TV & Film November 29, 2021

Succession has swept the nation, and its third season is in full swing! The Emmy award-winning TV show airs Sundays on HBO, but if you can’t get enough of the drama, Podsauce has rounded up several podcasts. We’ve included podcasts with weekly episodes devoted to Succession. Hear precaps, recaps, and critiques on each episode. HBO’s official “Succession Podcast” is hosted by Kara Swisher to explore how the on-screen drama mirrors real-life scenarios.

Listen to these podcasts if you want to hear more about the uber-rich Roy family, learn from cast and crew, or would like to catch up on all three seasons so far.

HBO’s Succession Podcast

Listen to ‘HBO’s Succession Podcast’

“Succession Podcast” is HBO’s official series hosted by Kara Swisher. Each episode analyzes the happenings on screen and interviews a guest about the show’s real-world parallels. Recent guests have included Succession‘s cast and crew, journalists, psychologists, writers, and more. In previous episodes, entrepreneur and NBA governor Marc Cuban shared his takes on season 3 episode 4, writer and podcaster Aminatou Sow discussed race and privilege, and former White House Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri unpacked season 3 episode 1. Check out new, biweekly episodes. The average episode length is 33 minutes long, so the series is quite bingeable.

The Watch

Listen to ‘The Watch’

“The Watch” loves Succession. Hosts Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan unpack the show’s latest episodes once a week. Besides recaps, you’ll hear what they think of guest stars so far, season 3’s similarities to season 1, and more. They’ll also analyze characters and cast predictions for future episodes. Besides Succession, “The Watch” reviews new TV and film releases and recently dug into Eternals, the new Spider-Man trailer, and Dune.

Still Watching Succession Season 3

Listen to ‘Still Watching Succession Season 3’

Hosts Richard Lawson and Sonia Saraiya break down each episode on Vanity Fair’s weekly podcast, “Still Watching Succession Season 3.” Some episodes feature interviews with cast members. Recently, Vanity Fair‘s Joy Press interviewed Matthew Macfadyen and Sarah Snook, who play Tom and Shiv on-screen. This interview appeared in the “Retired Janitors of Idaho” episode. All podcast episodes are just under ninety minutes long.

The Sweet Smell of Succession

Listen to ‘The Sweet Smell of Succession’

“The Sweet Smell of Succession” is a recap podcast hosted by David Chen and Tara Ariano. Their weekly episodes feature commentary and reviews in episodes averaging an hour long. David and Tara have been podcasting about Succession since season one, with over 18 episodes so far. Episodes run around an hour long.

Slate Money

Listen to ‘Slate Money’

“Slate Money” covers investing, finance, and business topics when host Felix Salmon and guests aren’t obsessing over Succession. Every Monday, hear the Roy family’s latest with plenty of spoilers if you’re listening in before watching the most recent episode. On a recent episode of the podcast, hear New York Times reporter Edmund Lee speak about who Sandy was inspired by, the board meeting, and more. New episodes of “Slate Money” are posted weekly. The Succession recaps are around an hour long.

The Prestige TV Podcast

Listen to ‘The Prestige TV Podcast’

“The Prestige TV Podcast” is a Spotify Original presented by The Ringer with weekly precaps and recaps of Succession. The precap podcast episodes share what’s about to unfold in advance, without spoilers. Adrien Brody stopped by the show in November to discuss his guest spot on season 3 episode 4. This fall, The Ringer also recapped Yellowstone, Insecure, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and more shows. Check out “The Prestige TV Podcast’s” weekly Succession episodes, running around an hour long.

Succ: A Succession Podcast

Listen to ‘Succ: A Succession Podcast’

Kaya and Jason host the weekly, “Succ: A Succession Podcast.” In recap episodes ranging from 30 minutes to just under an hour, get up-to-speed with the latest storylines. In addition to reviewing each week, recent episodes explored what the real-world costs were for items and clothing used in scenes.

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