Holiday ghosts, LOL-worthy comedy, and other new podcasts to stream this December

round up December 15, 2022

We’ve rounded up some of the best, new shows hitting the pod-o-sphere this December. On our list, check out a handful of holiday-themed listens and a series all about how our favorite music makes us “Feel Everything.”

Figure skating champ Adam Rippon teamed up with content queen Danielle Young for “Normalize This,” a society and culture podcast. If you loved Neal Brennan’s Netflix special, Blocks, the comedian is now chatting with friends and colleagues like David Letterman on his new podcast.

True crime fans might enjoy “Last Meal,” detailing death row inmates’ crimes and what they chose for their final feast. Happy streaming!

12 Days of White Christmas

Listen to ’12 Days of White Christmas’

“12 Days of White Christmas” dives into the 1954 classic film White Christmas in 12 episodes. Relive the epic scenes, memorable songs, and all things that make this movie festive.

12 Ghosts

Listen to ’12 Ghosts’

From iHeartPodcasts and Grim & Mild comes Aaron Mahnke’s “12 Ghosts.” On Christmas Eve, 11 travelers arrive at an inn buried in the woods, and they swap stories. Soon enough, they realize they have too many commonalities and the innkeeper has something planned for them. Tune in for daily episodes through Christmas Day, starring Malcolm McDowell.

Normalize This

Listen to ‘Normalize This’

SpringHill presents “Normalize This,” a new series hosted by figure skating champ / media superstar Adam Rippon and content queen Danielle Young. They’re exploring trends, actions, stigmas, and if they should be “normalized in our everyday lives.”

Last Meal

Last Meal

Listen to ‘Last Meal’

Christopher Feinstein’s “Last Meal” examines death row inmates’ crimes and the last things they chose to eat. Each episode analyzes their fascinating food choices and what this could possibly tell us about the criminals’ minds.


Listen to ‘Jack’

MSW Media presents “Jack,” a podcast discussing the Department of Justice’s investigations of Trump, co-hosted by Andrew McCabe (former Deputy Director of the FBI) and Allison Gill (creator of “Mueller, She Wrote,” a podcast for all things Special Counsel). Andrew and Allison are teaming up to document the investigations and share updates on this new series.

The Blocks Podcast

Listen to ‘The Blocks Podcast’

Comedian Neal Brennan chats with friends and colleagues on “The Blocks Podcast,” a new series based on his Netflix special. Brennan and his guests explore what makes them feel isolated, lonely, and how they rise above challenges.

Skyline Drive

Listen to ‘Skyline Drive’

In 8 episodes, Mangesh Hattikudur is unpacking astrology and how it shows up in our modern age. From leaders letting astrology guide their policy decisions, to NASA folks hiding their beliefs, and statisticians using astrology to line up baseball teams, “Skyline Drive” discusses why society keeps looking for answers that might be written in the stars. The iHeartPodcasts and Kaleidoscope production also looks at “what happens when you don’t believe in astrology, but astrology keeps happening to you.”

Feel Everything

Listen to ‘Feel Everything’

Zoila Darton’s “Feel Everything” is a space to connect with music. We all have preferred playlists we keep on rotation – artists, songs, and albums that defined eras in our lives. This podcast looks at music that moved us, lyrics that perfectly captured our emotions, and helped us through trying times. Each episode, a special guest chats about how certain music and favorite song lyrics impacted their lives.

Lateral with Tom Scott

Listen to ‘Lateral with Tom Scott’

On “Lateral with Tom Scott,” the YouTuber is joined by guests to answer seemingly random quiz questions. Check out questions covering a 13th century murder, mysterious medicines, academic awards, special cereal, and Kodak company complaints in weekly episodes.

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